Episode 4055

Australian Air Date: 23rd September 2005
UK Air Date: 9th March 2006
Writer: Sandy Webster
Director: Mark Piper

The shocking identity of Amanda’s blackmailer is finally revealed. A game of dare takes a disastrous turn. Flynn continues to hide his condition from Ric and Cassie, as his first day of treatment begins.

Extended Summary

Alf checks how Sally’s holding up? Sally’s amazed how Flynn’s handling it and putting on such a brave face. As Sally continues, her voice carries over the visuals of Flynn catching sight of himself in the mirror at home – the brave face not so brave, after all.

Cassie’s determined to do the abseiling bet to show Ric. As they head out to get the gear, they cross with Tony who wants to have a word with them. He’s heard about Jack’s car and thinks it sounds like a game of ‘dare’ to him. If it is, he wants the game to stop right now before things get out of hand. The kids reluctantly agree to drop it… Tony moves off and Cassie says she still plans to do the dare. The others are surprised, out of respect for his father, Lucas bows out.

The discussion about IVF continues between Leah and Dan. They’ve thought about the pros and cons and decided to make some enquires. Meanwhile, Flynn nervously packs a few things for his trip to the hospital. Sally arrives home and it goes quiet between them. Flynn pulls her in to an embrace in an action that expresses their fear and the unwavering unity between them. Meanwhile, Amanda’s phone beeps – it’s a text from her secret liaison: ‘I’m in Australia – and on my way to the Bay.’ Amanda’s face falls she’s running out of time… With no other choice, she seeks out Dan and comes clean about her current financial problems. The guy she owes money to is coming to get it and she’s scared what he’ll do. Dan thinks they ought to go to the police, but Amanda says they can’t. She begs Dan to help her. Dan is torn…

Ric and Matilda are at the bottom of the cliff edge when Lucas turns up to make a last-ditch effort to talk Cassie out of it. Ric says it’s too late – and points to the top of the cliff where Cassie is lowering herself over the side. There are lots of nervous looks from Matilda and Lucas – and a look of amazement from Ric. But Cassie is smiling all the way – having the time of her life! She’s about ten metres from the ground when her long hair suddenly gets caught in the pulley! She screams out in pain – my hair is stuck! Cassie can’t move – the more she lets the rope through, the more her hair gets pulled! She’s stuck dangling there!!

Leah overhears Dan on the phone to his bank, arranging for a withdrawal of $5000. She wants to know what he needs $5000 for. Just as she says this, Amanda walks in and Dan looks at her. Leah realises what’s going on straight away – it’s for Amanda, isn’t it? Dan admits it is – but before he gets a chance to explain, Leah hits the roof and has a go at both of them. Amanda tells Dan to forget about it and heads off, leaving a worried Dan and an angry Leah waiting for an explanation.

Cassie’s crying now, panicking. Ric’s 100% there for her, calming her. Tony, Beth, Matilda and Lucas arrive. Tony quickly assesses the problem and tells Ric to stay under Cassie – he’s going to try and lower her from above. Finally, Tony appears at the top and sends another rope down which enables Cassie to take her weight off from her own rope after releasing her hair she is then lowered down. Ric grabs her as she comes to the ground. Relief – Cassie is okay! Tony and Beth drop Ric and Cassie home after a stern lecture. Left alone, Cassie thanks Ric for his help. Awkwardness falls between them, the old feelings still there. Eventually, they kiss! Meanwhile, unbeknownst to them, Flynn is sick from the Chemo. Sally holds him as they struggle to contain their emotions.

Amanda waits anxiously at the secluded, designated rendezvous-point to meet her secret liaison. Walking up to her is none other than Josh West! He’s baaack…!!

Guest Cast

Return episode, last seen in Episode #3630. Visited the Bay in an attempt to blackmail a debt-ridden Amanda.

City nurse who showed Flynn into the chemotherapy treatment room.