Episode 4060

Australian Air Date: 30th September 2005
UK Air Date: 17th March 2006
Writer: Dan Bennett
Director: Nicholas Bufalo

On the eve of the wedding, Scott finally reveals his true feelings to Hayley, leaving the bride-to-be with an impossible choice to make. A freak storm threatens to change everything, when two Summer Bay residents go missing at sea.

Extended Summary

Amanda drowns her sorrows with a drink, looking worse for wear and feeling awful about the way things have turned out. Scott comes around and Amanda begs him to give her another shot. Scott tries to resist but finally gives in. Meanwhile, on the beach, Irene sits in the dark, hugging her knees as she cries, distressed after hearing voices… There is something very wrong. The next day, Scott emerges from Amanda’s bedroom, feeling dreadful for sleeping with her. Amanda comes out and kisses him… But Scott just wants to get out of there. He makes an excuse and scurries out. At the beach house, Irene comes downstairs and Hayley asks where she was last night. They were worried sick! Irene insists she’s okay – she just needed some time to herself and admits she was just being silly thinking someone out to get her. Despite her bravado, Hayley’s unconvinced…

Most of the girls have arrived and Hayley already has a stack of presents! There’s a knock at the door and the boys arrive – lead by Robbie. He wonders what the girls are still doing there. Irene suddenly realises that she agreed to have both parties at the house – her mistake! She tries to brush it off but it worries Hayley – it’s not like Irene. To settle it, Kim and Hayley suggest they have it together and the party goes into full swing. Hayley stares wistfully at Scott from across the room. Will asks if she’s having doubts. Hayley says no, unconvinced of her own words. Meanwhile, Corey tries to talk to Jack – he wants to clear the air. Jack says what he really wants is for Corey to clear off. An argument breaks out between them and Corey leaves the party…

Next day, Scott’s setting up the wedding breakfast when he hears: “It looks fantastic”. He turns around to see Hayley standing there. Scott comments it looked like things with Will got a little heavy last night? Hayley hesitates before saying that Will was just checking if she’s sure about this. Their eyes meet now, as Scott asks: And are you? Hayley says she has to be. Scott picks up on the line: You ‘have to be’? Eye contact is held… Then Hayley asks Scott to please not do this. Scott lets the moment go, leaving Hayley reeling. Meanwhile, Jack approaches Martha to apologise for his behaviour last night. The truth is he still has feelings for her and wants her back. He waits for Martha to respond and she finally says no. Jack pleads for another chance…but Martha’s not interested – they’re over. Jack is crushed.

Everyone’s arriving for the wedding breakfast, but Hayley’s not herself. Leah and Irene wonder were Scott is? It’s odd he cleared off when he’s the host. Amanda takes this in and heads out to find Scott on beach, thinking. Amanda joins him. “It’s Hayley, isn’t it?” Scott admits that he still loves her. Amanda, furious and upset, hurries off. She jumps in a small boat and takes off out to sea – Scott gives chase… Amanda’s boat has konked out when Scott pulls his boat up beside her. Amanda cries, distressed, as she demands Scott leave her alone! Scott tells her to stop being so stupid – there’s a “storm warning posted”. Amanda reluctantly lets Scott step in to her boat to help out. The wind’s really picking up now and the boat is being rocked big time.

A storm hits the Bay and Irene gets a phone call saying the marquis has blown over and the whole set-up has been ruined! There’s continued consternation about where Scott and Amanda have got to. Hayley, who has an inkling of what is going on, struggles with her doubts. Will sees this and wisely asks her to remember back to their childhood. Their Mum and Dad stayed together for the kids and in the end it destroyed everything. He reckons that if this isn’t what she truly wants, deep down – then she should back out now… It might hurt Kim in the short term – but he deserves better than marrying someone whose heart isn’t truly with him. Outside, the wind howls and the water chops wildly… the boat has over-turned. And there is no sign of Scott and Amanda!

Guest Cast

Return episode, last seen in Episode #4000. Visited for Hayley’s ill-fated wedding to Kim.


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