Episode 4061

Australian Air Date: 3rd October 2005
UK Air Date: 20th March 2006
Writer: Leigh McGrath
Director: Lewis Fitz-Gerald

On the day of the wedding, the love triangle between Hayley, Scott and Kim comes to an explosive head. But just when they think it’s all over, a jaw dropping announcement will change everything.

Extended Summary

A wild storm brews outside as Hayley sits, lost in a reverie, thoughtful after her talk with Will. Kim appears at the door and asks if she’s okay? Hayley covers, but it’s a struggle to keep the act going. Will arrives, explaining that the wedding venue is a mess and will take a lot of cleaning up. Kim reckons they’d better get out there. Meanwhile, two boats are still floating over-turned in the water. There’s no sign of Scott and Amanda…

Leah can see Hayley is distracted. She presses and Hayley admits that she’s not sure if she’s doing the right thing; she still has feelings for Scott. Leah’s stunned. Meanwhile, the venue is starting to be re-assembled. Robbie’s pleased with the team’s handiwork, but Kim thinks it’s still a disaster! Will tries to get him to postpone the wedding, but Kim remains stoic – no way.

A grim faced Alf comes off the radio – he’s just got word that two boats have been found washed up on the beach – the same two boats that Scott and Amanda took. However, there’s no sign of Scott and Amanda. Beth’s heart sinks. Alf says he’ll get a couple of the SES boys in and kick off a search. Meanwhile at the beach house and unaware this is going on, Leah does her best to support Hayley, who’s still confused. She loves both of them so much, but at the end of the day, her heart is with Scott. Leah thinks there’s only one thing she can do if she’s not sure. They’re interrupted by the news that Scott’s missing!

The waves lap gently against the sand of a secluded inlet. Amanda lies on the shore, alone. Slowly she starts to rouse and looks around in panic when she can’t find Scott. Amanda’s eyes are red with tears as she searches the beach, calling out for Scott but there’s no answer. Finally, she slumps into a heap and starts to sob. Then a shadow passes in front of her and she looks up to see – Scott standing there. She clings to him – she was so scared, she thought she’d lost him.

Hayley rushes into the Surf Club, desperately worried. Kim takes in how worked up she is about Scott’s disappearance. Hyde checks his watch – the wedding is meant to start soon. Kim says they’ll have to postpone; Hayley, quiet, nods her agreement. Meanwhile, Amanda and Scott sit on the secluded shore. Amanda knows things haven’t been great lately but she loves him so much. Scott tells her that he loves her too, but it’s not enough. Devastated, Amanda breaks down. Back at the Surf Club, Hayley’s mind’s in turmoil. Leah thinks if she still loves Scott, she has to tell him. It’s not fair on Kim. Hayley knows. Meanwhile, Scott hears the sound of an engine in the distance. He jumps to his feet and spots Tony in a rescue boat. They’ve been found! But Amanda’s subdued – as soon as they return, her relationship with Scott is as good as dead…

Kim finds Hayley sitting on the beach. He wants to know the truth about her feelings for Scott. Hayley’s sorry, but she can’t deny it any more…the truth is she loves Scott. Kim takes it all in, saying nothing. Leah interrupts, saying they’ve found them! Left alone, Kim stares vacantly into the distance, holding it together despite Hayley’s news. Hyde approaches and Kim speaks – ‘She still loves Scott, Dad. I should have seen it coming…’ Kim breaks down and Hyde holds his son.

Hayley stands at the end of the wharf as the boat approaches. Scott sees her and smiles. Amanda clocks the look between them and her heart sinks… Scott gets off the boat and Hayley tells him the wedding’s off; she couldn’t go through with it. It’s a loaded moment – this is what they’ve both been wanted. But Amanda’s fear of losing Scott overwhelms her and as Tony helps her off the boat, she says that she hopes her baby is okay, announcing – I’m pregnant!

Guest Cast


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