Episode 4062

Australian Air Date: 4th October 2005
UK Air Date: 21st March 2006
Writer: Sandy Webster
Director: Lewis Fitz-Gerald

Amanda successfully thwarts Scott and Hayley’s reunion by enacting her most devious deception yet.

Extended Summary

As everyone reacts to the news that Amanda is pregnant, Hayley slips away. Amanda explains to Scott that she didn’t say anything earlier because she didn’t want it to seem like she was saying it to keep him. She knows Scott doesn’t love her – and she didn’t want to burden him with this as well. Amanda breaks down in tears – it’s all such a mess. A stunned Scott holds her. Down on the beach, Will joins Hayley. He explains he’s just heard about Scott and Amanda… Hayley thinks this is what she deserves for the way she’s acted with Kim. She knows Scott too well – there’s no way he won’t stay with Amanda now that she is pregnant. Will comforts his sister.

The Ambulance Officers check Amanda out – she seems okay, but they want to take her to hospital just to be sure, in light of her pregnancy. Amanda refuses; she just wants to go home! Scott tries to help her – but Amanda pushes him away, saying, ‘Go to Hayley, she’s who you want to be with!’ Amanda’s words have had the desired effect, as Scott feels bad and refuses to let her go home alone. Meanwhile, Hayley arrives home and Kim can’t even look at her as she tries to apologise. When Kim does speak, he’s cold and bitter – he’s spent the last few months dreaming of their life together… and for what?! He’s angry, humiliated – and he makes his feelings clear.

Scott’s booked an ultrasound and Amanda rips in to him – it’s her body and her baby. Scott’s got no right to go organising stuff behind her back. She pushes Scott away and heads out… Amanda’s walking along, freaking out – how is she going to get away with this? – When Josh approaches offering his congratulations. He stirs her up saying how much it would really ruin things if Scott found out he’s the father of Hayley’s baby as well! Then he moves off, leaving Amanda seething.

Kim’s working out in the gym (dealing with his emotions) when Will approaches. Will offers wise words about not letting this destroy him. He reminds Kim that no matter what, Hayley is still carrying his baby. This strikes a chord with Kim, leaving him with food for thought. Meanwhile, Amanda’s at the hosptial when Bert comes out. Amanda tells him she needs a really big favour. Will he help her? She’s waiting nervously for Bert’s return when a hand lands on her shoulder – it’s Scott! Will she be caught out? Then, Bert approaches. To Amanda’s relief, he plays doctor and hands her the Ultrasound results. Scott’s bummed he missed it, but there’s always next time.

Hayley arrives home to find Kim packing, weary, drained and resigned. Kim says he needs to leave town for a while. He wants Hayley to know he doesn’t hate her – the most important thing is their baby. They both shed a tear as Hayley sadly gives him the ring back. Meanwhile, Scott and Amanda sit looking at the ultrasound picture. Amanda reveals that she has been acting so weird because when she was 14, she had a still born child. Then, her pregnancy with Ryan wasn’t easy and it brought a lot of the pain back – as this has. Scott takes this in, thoughtful…

Hayley’s sitting on the edge of the wharf when Scott approaches, joining her. Scott tells Hayley he has to be there for Amanda’s baby. Timing is just destined to work against them. A sad, resigned moment between the two star-crossed lovers…

It’s late when Josh comes in and finds Bert. Bert promised Josh he’d call if anything else came up with Amanda – it has and he played along…

Guest Cast

Final episode.


Third appearance, last seen in Episode #4056. Was asked by Amanda for some bogus ultrasound pictures of her “baby” during her attempt to ensnare Scott.