Episode 4063

Australian Air Date: 5th October 2005
UK Air Date: 22nd March 2006
Writer: Margaret Wilson
Director: Lewis Fitz-Gerald

Fighting to keep her secret, Amanda becomes a pawn in Josh’s sinister plan. Ric is forced to confront the reality of Flynn’s condition when a day of fun takes a devastating twist.

Extended Summary

Aware that her pregnancy is a fake, Josh blackmails Amanda into helping with his campaign. Back at the flat, Scott tells Robbie how thrilled he is that he’s finally going to be a dad. Amanda over hears from the hallway, feeling terribly guilty. A single tear falls down her cheek – as she realises she’ll have to succumb to Josh’s demands to keep the charade going. Meanwhile, Sally comes downstairs to see Ric cooking breakfast and Cassie finishing a pile of ironing. They explain that today is her ‘day off’ and Cassie is taking her out. Ric is going to look after Flynn.

The Surf Club is all set up for Josh’s Public Forum. Alf’s surprised to see Amanda there handing out ‘VOTE 1 JOSH’ stickers, but she says that Josh won her over with his plans for more day-care facilities. Josh begins his speech talking about his plans for the Bay. Alf heckles but Josh just turns his comments around to make Alf look foolish. After Josh’s speech, everyone (but Alf) claps, impressed and Josh goes to ‘meet the people.’ As Amanda packs up his leaflets, she sees a folder in there labelled PROJECT 56. Curious, Amanda starts to leaf through it – she sees plans – but before she has a chance to understand what they are, Josh comes back in and springs her, furious and turning on Amanda big time, leaving her stunned by his reaction. What is Josh hiding?

Flynn and Ric are playing video games, when Flynn becomes flustered and nauseous. Remaining calm and in control, Ric tries to help Flynn to the bathroom, but Flynn can hardly hold himself up and he’s sick again – all over Ric. Flynn apologises but Ric doesn’t want to hear that – his focus is on helping Flynn – and he’s doing a great job… Meanwhile, Alf sees Josh meeting up with Doug. They’re laughing and look too close for comfort for Alf’s liking. Alf knows there’s something shifty going on… Sensing a chance to get even, Amanda tells him to ask Josh about project 56… Alf takes Josh aside and asks about project 56? Josh’s faces falls but he quickly covers, pretending he doesn’t know what Alf’s talking about – but Alf saw his reaction and knows he’s onto something. Angry, Josh heads to Amanda’s and threatens it’s time he spoke to Scott. Amanda begs him – please not to, saying, ‘I’ll do anything you want!’ But what will Josh make her do now?

Ric’s cleaned Flynn up and got him into bed. Flynn feels wretched, as he apologises. After everything Ric has been through in his life, this is the last thing he wanted for him. Flynn feels like he’s let Ric down. Ric explains that Flynn has given him more than he ever felt he would get in life – a real father figure to look to and a family! He could never let him down. Flynn smiles – a touching moment between the two men. Later, Ric’s tidying up when Sally and Cassie arrive home smiling after their day out. Ric tries to play down Flynn’s sickness, but Sally can see right through him and senses something happened. Ric has to admit that Flynn’s been quite ill, but he’s resting now. Ric wishes there was more he could do for Flynn… As Ric says this, Flynn lies in bed exhausted. The helplessness of the situation is devastating and he sheds a private tear…

Lucas and Matilda are helping Alf prepare for the debate tomorrow – but Alf is distracted, his mind on ‘Project 56’ and how he’s going to get to the bottom of it. Lucas reckons the real trick to unnerving the opposition is to make them feel intimidated. Alf smiles to himself. He reckons there is one person who could really strike the fear of god into him… CUT TO: Josh is in the bar, having a drink, eyeing up two pretty girls sitting nearby. A person approaches him from behind – Hello, Mr. West. Josh turns and is stunned to see… Morag! The battle for the Bay is about to heat up!

Guest Cast

Return episode, last seen in Episode #4034. Became emboilled in the exposure of Josh West.


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