Episode 4064

Australian Air Date: 6th October 2005
UK Air Date: 23rd March 2006
Writer: Sam Meikle
Director: Lewis Fitz-Gerald

Ric reaches breaking point as his emotional torment over Flynn’s condition consumes him. Josh goes to drastic lengths to prevent his duplicity being exposed.

Extended Summary

Josh offers Morag a drink – but as far as Morag is concerned, whatever scheme he’s cooking up, she’s going to be watching. She sweeps out, leaving Josh rattled. Josh picks up his phone and calls Doug to tell him that someone’s sniffing around – this is what I want you to do…’ Meanwhile, Lucas and Matilda work on Alf’s opening speech for tomorrow’s big debate.

Cass and Ric are preparing for an exam when Cassie finds out that Ric is failing in Maths. She queries him about it, but he’s quick to dismiss her concerns. Upstairs, Flynn reassures Sal he’ll be okay whilst she returns to work. However, once alone, Flynn’s very down. Use to being in control – the doctor/the father/the husband, he now feels like a burden to his family. Meanwhile, Alf’s going over his speech when he’s approached by Paul, a young guy who’s heard that Alf’s running for Mayor and wants to donate $10,000 to help his campaign. Paul says the money will be wired directly to Alf’s account. Strewth – Alf’s stoked! However in the gym, Josh asks Paul – how’d it go? Paul smiles – he fell for it, hook, line and sinker! What is Josh up to?

Dan and Sally hand out the exam papers and the students start to scribble furiously… all except Ric, who’s lost in a reverie. Sally’s also distracted; her mind on Flynn. She discreetly phones home, but when there’s no answer she makes her excuses and leaves. Ric watches her with concern, his anxiety building. Sally arrives home worried as Flynn comes out of the bathroom (he’s just been sick). When she sees him, Sal’s body slumps in relief – Flynn looks dreadful, but he’s okay. Flynn’s annoyed that she dropped everything – their responsibilities are the foundations of their lives and if they neglect them, their whole world will crumble. Sally takes this in… As, in the exam, Ric’s world is in turmoil. He can’t stand it any longer and walks out of the hall. Sal finds out that Ric left the exam and Ric explains to her how he is feeling – compared to what’s happening to Flynn, nothing seems important anymore. Sally smiles sadly in understanding, explaining what Flynn said to her earlier – that ‘little, everyday routines’ will help them through the big challenging times to come. Ric gets up to leave. Still concerned, Sal asks where he’s going. Ric forces a smile – to re-do his assignment. He’s just turned a big corner in this journey.

Morag’s working away on her computer, silent and determined, as the debate gets off to a rocky start for Alf. Josh wins the crowd over with a joke at Alf’s expense and Alf’s forced to laugh along – and not look like a bad sport. During the debate, Josh’s words strike a chord with the townsfolk and they all start clapping. Alf’s chances are starting to wane, as Josh highlights how ‘out of touch’ he feels his opponent really is… Meanwhile, drained, Sally opens the door to Colleen, who has come to return something. Sally has run out of energy to pretend, so when Colleen asks her if everything is alright, the tears come cascading down Sal’s face, as she breaks down in Colleen’s arms ready to tell her the truth… After offering her support, Colleen heads off and Flynn comes into the living room. Angry, he lashes out at Sal – how could she? And to Colleen of all people! The whole town will know. Sally apologises, but Flynn won’t be appeased…

The speakers are back at the podium – and Alf pulls out a list Morag has handed him – of all Josh’s dodgy deals from his previous stay in the Bay. Alf knows Josh is going to say that he’s a changed man but does the Bay really want to take that risk? Alf’s moral high ground is starting to win the crowd over until the debate is interrupted by the police. There’s been an allegation of fraud against Alf re: the campaign funds. In front of the whole town, Alf is lead away, humiliated. Josh smiles… his plan worked. But his smile is not lost on Morag – who knows Josh was somehow behind this.

Guest Cast



Dodgy associate of Josh’s who pretended to be a business supporter of Alf’s campaign. Surname credited as ‘McCarthy’ but introduces himself as ‘Maloney’ to Alf.

First appearance. School kid whose flying football upset Ric.