Episode 4065

Australian Air Date: 7th October 2005
UK Air Date: 24th March 2006
Writer: Sarah Walker
Director: Lewis Fitz-Gerald

Sally’s left heartbroken when Flynn makes a shocking decision about his future. Irene’s erratic behaviour continues to concern her family and friends.

Extended Summary

Flynn’s calmed down and Sally asks him why it’s so important to keep this quiet, when maybe the support of friends could be a help to them. Flynn tells her that he feels humiliated by his illness and he doesn’t want to be pitied. Sally embraces him, explaining that to those who are close to him, he’ll always be the Flynn they love. Meanwhile, Alf’s steamed up about the injustice of his arrest – if he sees Josh he’s got a mind to give him a flogging! Morag pulls Alf up – he’ll only be stirring up more trouble for himself. Jack and Corey arrive to impound Alf’s paperwork for evidence. Alf is outraged – but Morag believes it will clear up this mess once and for all! As far as Alf is concerned, the damage is done and Josh’s achieved what he wanted – Alf’s reputation is shot and he can kiss the election goodbye…

Sally’s gone to a meeting and Flynn’s having fun with Pippa, giving her aeroplane rides around the kitchen. She’s giggling lots and Flynn’s enjoying himself, but then a wave of nausea overcomes him. He carefully manages to put Pippa down and make it to the sink before he’s sick. Colleen arrives to see Pippa crying and Flynn slumped down next to her, blanched. She races in and takes control. Flynn watches it unfold, full of turmoil – he can’t even look after his daughter…

Irene is alone at the diner – the place is dark and Irene is popping a couple of headache pills before she leaves. She hears a noise out near the door and freaks out, grabbing a frypan from the kitchen – as the figure moves closer to the kitchen, Irene jumps out and bashes them over the head. Irene looks down to see – Jack lying still on the floor. Oh no – what has she done?! Irene doesn’t know what got into her. Leah thinks it might be a good idea for her to go and see the doctor. Irene admits that she has been hearing things that weren’t there… Alf doesn’t want to alarm her but that’s what happened when he had his brain tumour. Irene agrees to go for tests.

Sally and Flynn wait nervously for the results of his cancer tests. Dr Green sadly reports that the chemotherapy doesn’t seem to be having any impact – in fact, the cancer’s growing, not diminishing. Fighting back her tears, Sally takes Flynn’s hand… But Flynn is tuned out, thoughtful. Back at home, Flynn remains quiet, thoughtful and withdrawn – until he finally speaks, saying that he’s had enough. Sally isn’t sure what he means. Flynn takes a deep breath then clarifies – he wants to stop the treatment. Sally’s shocked and bewildered. She doesn’t understand how he could even contemplate a decision like this! Every extra day they get together is precious – how could he shorten his time with his family like this? Sally starts to cry, chemo was her shred of hope – how can he take that from her? Flynn calmly explains that they both knew the chemo was only ever going to buy them some time, but now it’s not even going to do that – and he doesn’t want to spend his last months feeling sick… He wants to be able to enjoy every moment – quality over quantity… He begs Sally to please understand and she breaks down in his arms.

Alf is at the Surf Club with Martha and Morag when Jack and Corey come in. They’ve found evidence the $10,000 was transferred from the Surf Club by someone using Alf’s log-on code. Alf says that’s impossible – he’s the only one who knows it. Jack says hates to do this but they need Alf to accompany them to the station – he’s been charged for fraud. Meanwhile, Irene gets the all clear from at the hospital after a brain scan, but when she arrives home she is shocked to find Chloe, telling her to sit down for the dinner she has made. Irene doesn’t know which way to turn – she closes her eyes in disbelief for a moment – and when she opens them – the house is empty. Is Irene losing her mind?

Alternate Ending: Meanwhile, Irene gets the all clear from at the hospital after a brain scan, but when she arrives home – Ken (deceased) greets her with a kiss on the cheek. Irene is shocked as Ken moves towards the table where Chloe (deceased) is now sitting. Ken then shouts out to the patio area – and Noah (deceased) comes in with a plate of BBQ steaks. Irene doesn’t know which way to turn – she closes her eyes in disbelief for a moment – and when she opens them – the house is empty. Is Irene losing her mind?

Guest Cast


Return one-off appearance, last seen in Episode #4001. Appeared as a vision from Irene’s sub-conscience.



Third appearance, last seen in Episode #4053. Informed a relieved Irene that she was not suffering a tumour.

Second appearance, last seen in Episode #4051. Informed a devastated Flynn of the progression of his cancer.


Sally Fletcher and Flynn Saunders live within a half-hour drive from the Northern Districts Hospital.

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