Episode 4020

Australian Air Date: 5th August 2005
UK Air Date: 20th January 2006
Writer: Dan Bennett
Director: Lewis Fitz-Gerald

Kim’s left curious by Hyde’s steadfast determination to stop him learning the truth about his mother. Ric and Cassie’s arguing reaches a crunch point when Matilda issues them with an ultimatum. The Holden family arrive in Summer Bay.

Extended Summary

Sally’s walks along the grassy knoll as Flynn chases her, calling out her name, but it’s like she can’t even hear him… Flynn wakes up, in a cold sweat, anxious after his strange dream. Later, Sally asks him how he is – really. Flynn reveals he’s impatient with his recovery and he’s having weird dreams. Sally’s surprised – it’s not like him to let a dream get to him, he’s a scientist! Meanwhile, Cassie and Ric are still reeling after being cast in the play together.

Hayley helps Irene decide what to wear to the singles night, as Kim responds to the missing persons notice on the net. It’s a long shot and it might not even be his mum, but Hayley encourages him to give it a go. Meanwhile, Tasha gets home to see Robbie getting the flat prepared for the housewarming party. Robbie’s excited; he’s found the perfect guy for Martha… Tasha’s face falls – me too!

At the party, Robbie and Tasha each try to push their guy on to Martha. Bemused, Martha tries to talk to both guys, but Rob and Tash’s constant interfering drive them both away. Meanwhile, Cassie’s seething when Ric arrives. They argue over who Matilda should side with, until Matilda snaps, stomping off – she’s sick to death of this! Sheepish, Ric and Cassie decide they need to set some territorial ground rules to help them deal with their break up. Across the room, Kim’s distracted and Hayley calls him on it. Kim explains the fact of the matter is that his mum ran out on him when he was a baby, so she couldn’t have cared much. Hayley encourages Kim to keep looking, as every child has a right to know their parents.

Beth and Irene head to the bar at the singles night. Beth’s increasingly nervous as two guys come up to buy them a drink. Ted and Greg smile and chat away, but as the evening progresses, Irene and Beth are bored to tears. Hyde comes in and they race over to him, relieved for an escape. Beth goes to the bar, and alone with Barry, Irene pushes him. Surely he has a family contact that Kim can pursue? Irritated by her questioning, Hyde snaps, telling her she doesn’t know what she’s messing with, so keep out of it, please!

Robbie and Tasha apologise to Martha for interfering, but Martha’s cool – she’s sure when the time’s right the right guy will just come walking through the door… At that exact moment, Constable Jack walks through the door. Martha’s prickly when Jack asks for the noise to be turned down, but Jack keeps his cool, turning to look at Martha with a small smile as he leaves. Later, when everyone’s back from their respective parties and Irene tells Kim about Hyde snapping at her. Kim takes this in quietly as Hayley tries to reassure that maybe this isn’t easy for Hyde. Meanwhile, Hyde sits in the bar and downs a stiff drink, tormented by his memories…

Flynn sleeps restlessly at the hospital… It’s the same dream again, but this time, as Flynn continues to chase Sally, she stops and kneels down by something – a grave stone with the name – Flynn Saunders on it! Flynn stares at it in horror!

Martha’s driving Robbie and Tasha back to Beth’s when she gets pulled over by a cop. Martha’s unimpressed when she realises the policeman is Constable Jack. She hates that guy! Later, as Martha’s about to leave, a removal truck and car come down Beth’s street – the new neighbours have arrived. Beth’s curious, but Martha’s furious when out of the car hops Tony, Lucas and…Constable Jack.

Guest Cast

Eighth appearance, last seen in Episode #4018. Checked up on a nightmare suffering Flynn.

First episode. Jack and Lucas’ dad.

First episode. Tony’s elder son.

First episode. Tony’s younger son.

First appearance. Trainee cop

Student who Robbie forced onto Martha.

Student who Tasha forced onto Martha.

Cracked onto Irene at the Singles Night.

Cracked onto Beth at the Singles Night.

Arrivals and Departures

Tony Holden (Jon Sivewright)
Jack and Lucas’ dad.
Jack Holden (Paul O’Brien)
Tony’s elder son.
Lucas Holden (Rhys Wakefield)
Tony’s younger son.