Episode 4019

Australian Air Date: 4th August 2005
UK Air Date: 19th January 2006
Writer: Fiona Bozic
Director: Lewis Fitz-Gerald

Hyde goes to great lengths to prevent Kim tracking down his mother. What is he hiding? Ric and Cassie clash at the auditions for Colleen’s fundraising play.

Extended Summary

Kim and Hayley are having another ultrasound. Kim’s thrilled when they see the heartbeat and his emotions spill over into how amazing this is and how much he loves Hayley. Hayley’s stunned!

Colleen prepares to hold auditions for her play at the Surf Club. Matilda’s keen for a role and Colleen encourages her saying she’ll need a partner. During this, Robbie and Tasha arrive, still feeling bad they lied to Beth about moving into the flat. Meanwhile at Summer Bay house, Ric and Cassie try hard to make things work but there’s a strained politeness between them. Matilda arrives and Cassie leaves, aware they make Matilda feel awkward with their tension. Matilda’s excited about the play and asks Ric to audition with her. Ric isn’t overly interested but Matilda manages to persuade him. Just as… Colleen pressures Cassie into auditioning. Cassie’s not keen but agrees to go along, mainly to get Colleen off her back.

Kim asks Hyde if he found anything out about his Mum. Hyde covers – nothing! Accepting this, Kim goes on to explain how he accidentally told Hayley he loves her and now he’s worried he’s stuffed things up. Meanwhile, Hayley tells Irene what Kim said. Irene wonders how it made her feel, but all Hayley can say is that it was a shock to hear it so soon. Irene asks her if her feelings are still with Scott, but Hayley avoids the question, reaffirming why she should be with Kim.

Alf rolls his eyes, suppressing a smile, as Colleen gibbers on about her play ‘Summer Secrets of a Summer’s Night’. Ric and Matilda arrive for the auditions to find Cassie already there, paired up with a cute guy (Nic) and ready to audition. Ric’s jealous, and all of a sudden, the two people who weren’t interested in auditioning are fired up about it, determined to outshine each other!

Kim’s searching for any references to his mother on the internet when Hayley comes home. It’s awkward between them but Kim says he didn’t mean to tell her he loves her… yet. Hayley re-assures him of her feelings (without saying ‘I love you…’) and Kim is heartened.

To prove they can look after themselves, Robbie and Tasha (with Martha’s help) invite Irene and Beth over for a meal. They go all out to impress and despite the occasional hiccough, Robbie and Tasha remain close and loving, solving problems together. Throughout the meal, Beth and Irene withhold their feelings about how the evening’s going. However, after dinner has been served they have to admit they’re impressed… maybe Robbie and Tasha can handle living alone after all.

Cassie and Nic audition in a scene about love and betrayal. Cassie’s brilliant, her aggression with Ric the key behind her performance. Ric also shows a special fire because of his feelings for Cassie. Colleen sits watching in stunned silence – what passion!! Finally Colleen comes to a decision about who will play the two lead roles… Ric and Cassie! Ric and Cassie are both stunned! They didn’t even audition together. Colleen doesn’t care, they both showed a special spark!

Kim’s managed to track down a copy of his mother’s birth certificate and a missing persons’ site with a notice to her, asking her to get in touch and saying how hard it was for her after Jonathon. Hayley’s puzzled – who’s Jonathan? Kim has no idea… Later, Kim tells Hyde there’s no death certificate for his mum, proving she’s still out there somewhere. However, there are no leads after she went missing, does Hyde know if she changed her name? Or, who Jonathon is? Hyde says no, but after Kim leaves, he makes a clandestine phone call. Hyde – Hi, it’s me. Kim’s asking questions… What should I do?

Guest Cast

First appearance. Sean’s younger brother. Ric’s rival and flirt for Cassie. Auditioned for the role of Rex in Colleen’s fund-raising play.

Showed Kim and Hayley the ultrasound of their baby.


Kim Hyde’s mother’s name is Kerry Louise Hyde. She left Barry and Kim in 1990 and has never been seen again. Someone else is revealed to be trying to contact her, using the pseudonym “TA” and referring to a “Jonathan” (later revealed to be Tom Anderson referring to Kim’s younger brother).

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