Episode 4018

Australian Air Date: 3rd August 2005
UK Air Date: 18th January 2006
Writer: Kelly Lefever
Director: Lewis Fitz-Gerald

In the aftermath of the shooting, Summer Bay gathers to bid an emotional farewell to Peter. Hyde is shaken by Kim’s announcement that he wants to find his mother.

Extended Summary

The crooks’ car speeds away. Scott rushes inside the house to see Dan holding Peter as he lays on the floor clutching his shoulder and moaning in pain– he’s been shot! Panicked, they rush him to hospital, but Dan’s still troubled, as he doesn’t know what his brother was involved in.

Hayley wants to tell people they are together now, but Kim’s a bit reticent. They rushed into telling everyone last time and a few weeks later it was over… This time he’d rather they kept it to themselves for a while. Hayley manages a smile but she’s deflated. Meanwhile, Colleen announces that she’s decided on a fundraising idea to help the hospital – she’s going to write a play! She even wants to type it on a computer! Irene says she can use the one at her place.

At the hospital, Dan nervously heads inside as Peter’s coming off the phone to the cops. Peter reports to Dan the crooks have been caught. The sting worked! Dan’s bemused – sting? Peter explains he was working undercover trying to catch local drug dealers… Dan is stunned!

Colleen arrives at the beach house and Hayley takes off, leaving Kim alone with the budding playwright. Colleen struggles with the computer and Kim reluctantly agrees to type for her as she dictates. The play is dreadful, but Kim’s tips are shunned. Colleen is on a role.

Feeling bad he didn’t trust his brother, Dan apologises to Pete for blowing his cover. Peter understands, he hasn’t given Dan many reasons to trust him in the past. They agree to put it behind them and start afresh. As Dan is leaving, Clare rushes in almost teary, telling Pete she’s never letting him out of her sight again! His transfer to the city has finally come through, effective immediately. Peter’s stunned – he’s leaving the Bay!

Colleen finishes the last line of her play. She thinks it’s brilliant! Kim’s look shows he thinks it sucks, but he doesn’t argue. Colleen rabbits on about the themes of the play: family and not being ashamed to admit who you are in the face of others. As Colleen talks, her words hit home for Kim, giving him the answers he needs to some things which have been bugging him…

Clare asks Peter to marry her. Peter wryly smiles at her, joking that she always has to be in charge. Clare nods, he’d better get used to it, but Peter calls her bluff and refuses her proposal. Deflated, Clare’s lost for words, until Peter tells her they’re going to do this the right way and he proposes to her! Later, Dan and Leah can hardly believe it. Dan is sad his brother is leaving. They’ve never been as close as they have in the last year and he’s going to miss him. Others join in with their congratulations and goodbyes.

Kim fills Hayley in on his afternoon with Colleen. Sure, her play’s a rip off of Romeo and Juliet but it made him think. He wants to tell people that they’re together. Hayley’s pleased to hear it. Kim goes quiet – it’s also made him think of something else. As they’re about to have a baby he’d like to find his mother and maybe get to know her… or at the very least, get some closure.

At Peter’s goodbye, Hayley takes the opportunity to make her pairing with Kim known. The response is pleasing, as even Scott is supportive. Kim tells Hyde how he wants to track down his mother. Hyde subtly tries to talk him out of it, but Kim insists it’s something he really wants to do. Later, when he’s alone, Hyde puts an envelope of documents in a bin and closes the lid. What secret is Hyde hiding?

Guest Cast

Final episode. Proposed to Claire and moved to the city following his successful transfer application.

Final episode. Moved back to the city after accepting Peter’s marriage proposal.

Seventh appearance, last seen in Episode #3981. Admitted a wounded Peter to hospital following his shooting.

First appearance. Informed Dan of Peter’s condition following the bungled sting operation.


Colleen Smart mentions that Hayley Lawson is looking “different everyday”, an in-joke referring to the character’s imminent re-casting.

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