Episode 3463

Australian Air Date: 12th March 2003

A former resident makes a surprise return to the Bay. Angie discovers Sally’s Achilles heal. Max’s wish comes true.

Return episode, last seen in Episode #3288. Returned to the Bay following news of Sophie’s double pregnancy.
Confirmed to Sally and Sophie that the twins were a male and a female from different eggs.
Fifth appearance, last seen in Episode #3461. Befriended Tamara before learning of Max’s love letter was not for her.
Was the object of Max’s frustration.
Interviewed Max and Colleen.
First appearance. Oversaw Max and Colleen’s interview.

Extended Summary

Max bumps into Tamara and Kaitlyn on the beach and Tamara asks Max if he had told Kaitlyn yet and Max says that he hasn’t found the right time yet to tell her. Tamara is dissapointed in him.

Sophie, Sally and Flynn try to come to terms with the fact that Blake is the father to one off the twins, and Tamara overhears the conversation and takes it personally.

Hayley and Josh talk about their relationship and decides to take it slowly and not to push their relationship.

Sally and Flynn talk about what to do about their baby and how do they know which baby is theirs and Flynn tells Sally that when the babies are born they will do are DNA test to find out.

Sophie gets into a argument with Tamara about not telling Blake that one of the babies is his and Sophie asks Sally and Flynn what they would think if she said to them to have both of the twins and Sophie tells them if they could take both and Sally and Flynn are both shocked.

Dylan tells Angie not to leave messages on the Sutherlands answering machine again and Angie feels abandoned from her son. The Sutherlands gets ready for Max and Colleen’s interview with the TV reporters. Kaitlyn gets heartbroken
when Max tells her that the letter was for Tamara not her. Kaitlyn leaves Max’s house.

Angie sneaks into Sally’s office to find only some tablets in her draw for her compossive disorder that she has. Angie is now playing another one of her games to cover every angle. Sally bumps into Angie at the school and Sally let’s her know that she is not going to steal her job away from her and that she knows that she stolen the disk from Irene and Angie trys to cover the truth.

Max gets his make-up done for the TV crew and Max tells the lady that he doesn’t want make-up on and the lady tells him that he has too.

Angie asks Dylan if he took the disk from Irene’s and Dylan tells her that Nick took it and that Nick is going to hurt her like she hurt him. Angie is thinking about it.

Max and Colleen are now getting interviewed for the TV about the book.

Jade’s moblie rings while Max and Colleen were getting interviewed and it was Nick.

Sophie answers the door and it is Blake and finds out that Tamara had called Blake and Sophie is shocked and not happy.

Thanks to Rachael Jennings

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