Episode 3464

Australian Air Date: 13th March 2003

Rhys becomes the target of a vicious attack. Josh’s incompetence almost costs a life. Irene makes an emotional plea to Dani.

Was rescued by Noah after nearly drowning.
Passenger in Rhys’ night taxi who robbed and bashed him unconscious.

Extended Summary

Rhys has a big clean-up after the film people leave. He tells Kirsty and Dani that he is tired, as is going to have a lay down. Kirsty and Dani are concerned about him.

Blake asks Sohie if you would have told him about the baby, if he hadn’t already discovered the news from Tamara.

Jesse puts a porposition to Irene about her making a real family with himself, Leah, V.J and Rachel. Irene is unsure, but assures him that she will give it some thought.

Rhys gives Kirsty some money, but she gives it back, telling him that she has sold a few things to make some extra money. Rhys feels guilty, and wishes he could do more to help her. Rhys has a night out planned. Is it with Angie?

Sophie and Blake get into an argument over what to do about the second twin.

Should they keep it themselves, or let Sally and Flynn adopt it? They are agree to disagree for now, and deal with it later.

Irene receives a letter in the mail regarding Nick’s Court Case. She hopes that he shows up before he is due to go to court.

Flynn and Blake get together at the diner, to see if they can work something out about the baby.

Jesse turns up late for work, and Josh lets him know he is not happy, and that he needs to be more reliable. Jesse gets straight to work.

Seb notices a girl in trouble in the water, and Kirsty calls Josh for assisstance, but can’t find him. Meanwhile, Seb and Noah go in and save her, then get her to the hospital.

Jesse tells Noah to report Josh to the Surf Club Committee. Noah is confused, and doesn’t want to make a report, but knows it is his job. He talks to Alex about how he feels, and asks him what he should do.

Rhys is off to Yabbie Creek, and finds the things that Kirsty has sold. He buys them back for her, and when he gives them back to her, she is lost for words. She thanks him very much.

Things are quiet in the taxi for Rhys, so he nods off. He is woken later, by someone who needs a lift.

Noah talks to Josh about the Lifeguard job, and tells him he doesn’t think he is the right person for the job. He advises him to quit, or Noah will put in the report.

Wile Rhys takes his passenger home, he is bashed unconscious, and left to die. Dani gets the phone call, letting her know that Rhys has been rushed to hospital.

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