Episode 3462

Australian Air Date: 11th March 2003

The surrogacy takes an incredible twist. Colleen reveals the unfortunate truth to her son. Dylan confronts Rhys about his behaviour.

Final episode.
Final episode.
Final episode.
Ultrasound operator who informed Sally and Sophie that the twins had different fathers.

Extended Summary

Sophie, Sally and Flynn talk about Angie trying to get Sally’s job as principal and they try to fight against her, also they talk about the next ultrasound at the hospital.

Irene tells Hayley that she can move back home anytime if she wants to. Hayley tells Irene that she will stay at the palace if she can.

Leah has a talk to Lance about Colleen in the paper, that she is not really a millonaire. Leah tells Lance that they really don’t think that Debbie will really welcome Colleen into their family. Lance has a think about it.

Dani is disappointed that they didn’t put her name in the newspaper for interviewing Colleen and Max.

Josh gets inpatient with Hayley for not giving him an answer straight away and Dani tells him that he should think about Hayley for a change and not himself.

Irene gets the back up file on Angie to use againest her for trying to get Sally’s job off her, will it be enough to catch Angie out? Irene finds out that the back up file on Angie is gone, Irene thinks that Angie is one step further then her, when she thinks that Angie has stolen it from her place.

Josh trys to talk to Noah, but Noah doesn’t want anything to do with Josh and Noah let’s Josh know after he split him and Hayley up.

Irene and Sally has a plan to catch Angie out and will it work?

Colleen tells Debbie and Lance the truth about the book and Debbie takes Maggie away from Colleen and tells Colleen that she is a lair and a cheat and colleen is upset about it. Leah tells Debbie that she is the one with the problem not Colleen.

What a change, Debbie is talking to Colleen and being polite, what’s going on with Debbie?

Dani goes running up to Colleen in the caravan park and tells her that she is a hero and that the TV company wants to interview her and Max, Colleen is thrilled.

Debbie and Lance leave the Bay again to head home. Dylan tells the girls to give Rhys a break, and the girls are suss about why Dylan is sticking up for Rhys, but what is Rhys doing?

Sophie, Sally and Flynn heads off for Sophie’s ultrasound, but they find that their babies have two differant fathers and the other father is Blake. they are all shocked.

Thanks to Rachael Jennings

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