Episode 3461

Australian Air Date: 10th March 2003

Colleen is delighted by her son’s return. Kirsty goes to extreme lengths for her future. Will Tamara ever speak to Max again?

Return episode, last seen in Episode #3288.
Return episode, last seen in Episode #3163.
Return episode, last seen in Episode #3163.
Fourth appearance, last seen in Episode #3335. Became jealous of Tamara, teasing her about her choice in clothes.
Second appearance, last seen in Episode #3460. Informed Sally that she was too young to be principal of Summer Bay High, offering the role to Angie instead.

Extended Summary

Colleen sees the newspaper with her and Max on the front page, and is shocked about it. Rhys tries to tell Colleen that Dani has saved her and Max from getting into trouble.

Colleen is delighted by Lance’s return to the Bay with Debbie and Maggie.

Sally is shocked by Mr. Geoffrey’s talk with her in her office, will Sally fight to keep her job as principal? The students at school talk about Mrs. Russell.

Angie trys to look good in front of the Eduaction department officer, will Angie get her own way?

Mr. Geoffery’s interviews the students one by one to talk to them about what they think about Mrs. Fletcher, but it doesn’t look promising.

Colleen and Max are thrilled to find out that they are not going to get sued over the book that they wrote.

Dani and Scott talk about the color that Scott is painting his boatshed, and Dani tells him that the color he is painting his shed is weird.

Debbie is planning to use Colleen for her money and she doesn’t know that Leah has overheard her talking about it with Lance, and later Leah confronts Debbie about it.

Angie trys to move her way into the Sutherland family by lending Max $20.00 for school.

Tamara gets teased at school by wearing another shirt under her school uniform.

Angie lets Kirsty know that she will be the principal of Summer Bay High that she will have a close eye on her, Kirsty is shocked, but will Kirsty let Angie get to her?

Colleen has her heart set on moving to live with Lance and Debbie, but is Colleen set for a heartbraek discovery?

Dani and Scott almost kisses and Scott backs off and tells Dani that he has to get back to work, what is Scott’s problem?

Mr. Geoffery’s tells Sally that she is to young for the job as Princepal and that Angie is the person for the job and Sally is devasted.

Dani and Jade a shocked to discover that Kirsty has sold her digtil camera and her CD played to get money to go into the course that she wants to go in.

Sally confronts Angir about her trying to get her job away from. Sally gets angry at Angie for trying to take her job away from her.

Thanks to Rachael Jennings

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