Episode 3244

Australian Air Date: 28th March 2002

Fisher gets some devastating news. Nick is eager to go home. Alex has a new love interest!

Return episode, last seen in Episode #3229. Met up with Alex in the park with her kids.
First episode. Kelli’s younger son.
First episode. Kelli’s elder son.

> Kelli’s husband ‘shot through’ after Riley was born.

Extended Summary

Kelli and Alex are in the diner kitchen. Kelli tells Alex how the cakes are taking over her life and that her kids thinks that she likes the cakes more than them. Alex tells her that he and Leah both take turns at looking after VJ.

Seb continues to mother Don. Don, gets quite annoyed of it all and tells Seb that he can’t have have the day off and that he should go back to school. Irene pops around to show Don a newspaper article and offers to give Seb a lift to school.

Rhys tells Jade that it’s time that she went back to school. Jade turns on the waterworks and says that Nick needs her and that she should go to the hospital instead. Rhys relents and says Jade will go back to school tomorrow.

Irene and Hayley visit Nick in hospital. Irene is worried about Nick returning home and talks to Charlotte and Grace about it. They tell her there is nothing to be worried about.

Nathan gets the Blaxland engine working again. Alf congratulates him on a job well done.

Nick is out in the hospital grounds going around in his wheelchair when Jade comes to see him. She offers to help, but Nick says he can manage himself.

Alex tells Leah that he is taking VJ to the park. When they get to the park they sit around.

Irene and Hayley leave to get some lunch for Nick. Hospital food, you see!! Charlotte tells Nick there has been a problem and that the team haven’t been able to check The Beach House over. Nick then takes out all his frustrations on Jade who runs out crying. Grace tells her that she is qualified in “house checking” and can do it that afternoon.

Kelli and her kids arrive at the park and Alex plays with them.

Grace checks the Beach House over and says that Nick can move back home with a few alterations which Nathan agrees to do.

Alex and Kelli decide to go to the diner for some ice cream.

Grace goes to leave the Beach House, but her car won’t start. Nathan offers to fix it.

Alex and Kelli arrive at the diner. Kelli tells Leah how she thinks Alex is such a great dad. Leah has a word with Alex about pretending that VJ is his son to pick up girls.

Nick arrives home. Nathan announces that Grace has asked him out on a date. They’re all excited for him.

Don tells Alf that he has just received notification that Summer Bay High is going to be shut down at the end of the year and there is nothing they can do about it.

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