Episode 3077

Australian Air Date: 26th June 2001

Brodie clashes with Alex over his new job. Duncan’s manipulative ways continue. Hayley is concerned over Irene’s erratic behaviour.


Extended Summary

Irene’s like a bomb waiting to go off. She’s been snapping at everyone about everything. She had a go at Fisher, who was stunned by her outburst. He suspects it has something to do with the anniversary of Ken’s death. She must be going through a rough patch.
Lets hope Alex’s dream isn’t about to crumble. Rhys went with Alex to check out the site and the construction work’s a bit shoddy. Alex is worried but says it doesn’t matter because the electrical work will compensate for the lack of workmanship on the building itself. Brodie’s not convinced. Lets hope she doesn’t do anything silly.

Alf’s feeling the heat of Morag’s verbal fire. She’s told him he’s not good enough to take care of Duncan and is hinting about taking Duncan away from Summer Bay. The thing is, Morag’s said something to Duncan, because he’s been giving Alf a lot of lip. Nick said that while he feels guilty about dobbing Duncan in, he’s also wary of him. He’s thinks Duncan doesn’t know he told on him. Unfortunately, Duncan does know, so what’s the little tyke up to? Duncan was talking to Seb after Nick had a run-in with him over Kirsty. Could it be he’s planning his revenge?

Anna’s been taken to hospital after collapsing on Jude. He noticed she’d been sick and asked if she wanted time off work. She panicked and fainted. What Jude doesn’t know is that Rhys kicked them out of the caravan park. He thought she was a squatter and told her to clear off. He had no idea Seb is her son.

Erin Flannery

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