Episode 3066

Australian Air Date: 11th June 2001

Noah continues to struggle with his drinking problem. Shauna makes a decision about her future with Jude. Will is concerned over testifying against Dani.

Final episode.
Young squirt who showed up at the Drop-In Centre.
Drifter kid at the Drop-In Centre.

Extended Summary

Shauna’s definitely getting married. Shauna had a chat to Shelley about her fears. So Shauna has decided on a summer wedding.

Jude’s worrying about Noah. He’s cleared the house of anything bound to tempt him, and he’s phoned Irene for advice. She knows where it’s heading so she got a counsellor’s name from Shelley. Hopefully they’ll be able to deal with Noah, unless he takes it lightly. Let’s hope he doesn’t. If anyone knows what Noah’s going through, Irene does.

Shauna’s concerned about Duncan’s behaviour. It’s due to his break-up with Jade. Nick told the twins how miserable Duncan’s been. He’s driving Alf crazy, and it won’t be long before the rest of the town goes bonkers too.

The Sutherlands are worried about Will’s testimony. Dani would prefer it if Will didn’t say anything, but everyone knows he’ll be in contempt of court if he doesn’t. If that’s not enough, Kane’s been lashing out since being kicked out of every public place in Summer Bay.

Shelley and Rhys are under pressure. The kids are worried about their parents’ marriage. It didn’t help when David’s dad, Richard, dragged David away from the Sutherlands’. He told David they had a ‘chequered past’. He was referring to Dani and Kane. Rhys was furious and kicked Richard out. Dani is hurting. She doesn’t deserve this. Nobody does.

Erin Flannery