Episode 3065

Australian Air Date: 8th June 2001

Noah takes a big step along the road to recovery. Will is issued a subpoena to testify against Dani. Rhys and Shelley’s relationship deteriorates.

Second appearance, last seen in #3065. Caused a drunken Noah’s angry outburst.
Busted Hayley for driving on L Plates with a drunken Noah.
Fourteenth appearance, last seen in #3062. Informed Shauna about her fears regarding future children.
Kane’s lawyer. Subpoenaed Will to testify against Dani.
Fourth appearance, last seen in #3041. Credited for no appearance.

Extended Summary

Jude’s worried he’s losing Shauna. He told Gypsy and Sally that she’s been cold towards him. Sally tried telling him it’s because she hates hospitals but it isn’t working.
Shauna’s cool attitude could be because she’s worried about the future. Namely, the children. She wants kids but she’s worried they’ll inherit her heart defect. There are other options, but she doesn’t want to know about them. She feels her children should have Jude’s and her features. Except the bad heart, of course.

Hayley ended up rescuing Noah from Yabbie Creek. On their way home she was pulled over by the police and fined for not driving with a licence. Noah got into trouble too. He’s asked Irene and Hayley for help. Goodness knows if it’ll work.

Irene, Alf and Sally are really worried about Fisher. Irene had him over for dinner and as a way to make him feel safe, she got Will to walk him home.

Rhys and Shelley are falling apart. They’re constantly arguing and Dani’s worried it’s about her. Technically speaking, it is. They’re feeling pressured and don’t know how to vent their anger. Both of them have tried telling Dani it’s OK, but you can tell it’s difficult. Then there’s the trial in two weeks. Dani’s concerned at how soon it is. Fisher also told the Sutherlands the education department’s over-ruled his decision to keep Kane out of class. He’s going to do his best to keep Kane away from Dani but who knows how it will go.Will’s also in shock after receiving a subpoena to testify against Dani.

Erin Flannery