Episode 3067

Australian Air Date: 12th June 2001

Dani’s nightmare continues. Shelley makes the first step in resolving her problems with Rhys. Duncan accuses Alf of not being there for him.

Final episode.
Third appearance, last seen in #2986. Mate of Kane’s who picked on Dani.
Schoolboy who boycotted attending classes with Kane.
Schoolteacher who felt the students should not be allowed to boycott classes over Kane.

Extended Summary

Kane looks like he’s about to crack. He’s threatened Dani and promised she’s going to be sorry if she doesn’t drop the charges. The teachers and students have threatened a strike if any of them are in class with Kane. Fisher told me the decision to let Kane back was the department’s, not his. Now poor Fisher’s stuck with Kane.
Everyone’s worried about Fisher and don’ t think he should be back at school, considering the state he’s in. David and Duncan got in a fight and Fisher couldn’t stop it. Irene broke it up. Fisher just froze. It’s unlike him. Even Colleen’s noticed something’s wrong.

Alf’s tired of Duncan’s behaviour. He had a go at him about his latest ruckus. Unfortunately, Duncan yelled Alf and blamed him for everything that’s happened. Duncan’s happy about David’s departure. David’ s father’s making him go back to school in the city because of all the ‘undesirables’ in Summer Bay. Jade’s furious.

Rhys told Vinnie how bad things were at home, not only with Dani’s case looming but with his marriage to Shelley. Vinnie saw Shelley and told her ‘cryptically’ about someone he knows who needs help. Obviously, Vinnie gave away who he was referring to, but Shelley knew what to do. They are now happily having lunch at the Surf Club.

Vinnie has a clown gig tomorrow, much to Alf’s disgust. Vinnie had to reorganise the rosters so he could make it. He’s borrowing Sally’ s car and reassured Alf everything would be OK. Lets hope nothing goes wrong!

Erin Flannery