Episode 2993

Australian Air Date: 28th February 2001

Shauna and Hayley are caught in the middle of Jude and Noah’s problems. Brett’s career is in jeopardy after her loses his cool. Shelley is furious at Rhys for ruining a family day. Mitch has something important to tell Brodie.

Competitor who took part in Kirsty’s swimming race.

Extended Summary

Holly made some crazy claim that Noah had tried to seduce one night while she was still with Jude, Jude was not happy and kicked Noah out and is unlikely to forgive him too quickly. Hayley has even turned on him because she can’t believe he’d do something like that. Shauna offered Noah the couch after finding out he’d been sleeping on the beach. Jude thinks she’s interfering.

Kirsty finished fourth in the triathlon. While everyone was pleased with Kirsty’s placing, Rhys didn’t seem too interested. He spent the day with one of his mates. Shelley wasn’t happy and she let him know it.

Brodie was upset because Mitch told her he’s going to live in New Zealand. Mitch doesn’t seem to care about what Brodie thinks because he told her that “things haven’t been going to well for them lately” . Brodie is devastated.

Brett has been really tetchy. He lost his temper with Noah and pushed him up against the lockers. While Noah probably said something to provoke it, Sally saw it and had to tell Fisher. But then felt guilty afterwards. Fisher’s going to report it to the board, which means Brett will probably have to resign.

Erin Flannery