Episode 2992

Australian Air Date: 27th February 2001

Holly reveals her sordid past with Noah. Irene tells Will that he is playing with fire. A surprise announcement follows Fisher’s meeting with the school board. Kirsty questions her father’s expectations of her.

Extended Summary

Fisher had a meeting with the school board today. He was worried about how he’d explain the siege. He said there’s no way he can be one hundred per cent sure the school would be safe. No principal can do that. Hayley told Fisher that if anything happened in the meeting, the students would go on strike. It turns out he had nothing to worry about in the first place, he was offered the role of principal.
Dani and Will seem to be having a few problems. One second she tells Will that Gypsy’s OK, the next she admits she doesn’t trust him. Irene’s already warned Will about Dani’s feelings, but he keeps saying things are all right. How long is it going to be before disaster strikes?

Shauna’s seriously considering a career as a PE teacher. Fisher told her all she’d need to do is a part-time teaching course to supplement her qualifications. Let’s hope Fisher gives her the OK. It would mean the world to Shauna.

Kirsty’s playing games with Rhys. Shauna told Rhys about an upcoming triathlon and said Kirsty is ready to enter. Rhys was thrilled and told Kirsty he wanted her to compete. But Kirsty was so sure about this and asked why she wasn’ told about it first. So Kirsty faked an injury to see how important the race was to Rhys. She should realise this is important for him. Why else would he do so much training?

Holly is already wreaking havoc after only a few days in the Bay. Jude asked Shauna not to be jealous of her. She isn’t, but it looks like Noah might be the one who has a problem with her. Will what happen in the past between Holly and Noah come out?

Erin Flannery

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