Episode 2991

Australian Air Date: 26th February 2001

Leah’s brother arrives in town with eyes for Hayley. Hayley accuses Irene of treating her like a child.

First episode. Theo and Helen’s son. Leah and Dimitri’s younger brother, Chris’ older brother.
First episode. Jude’s ex-girlfriend who had left him after a secret affair with Noah.

Extended Summary

Jude was impressed when Holly, his ex-girlfriend showed up, on his doorstep, with practically everything he owned. Noah was very impressed, as was Shauna and Hayley who were there for dinner, things were going all that well anyway (thanks to Noah’s strange attitude towards Shauna), but things got even worse when Holly jumped into Jude’s arms. Shauna’s not worried – she went through it with Harry – but Jude’s scared he’ll lose Shauna.

It seems Leah’s brother Alex who has just arrived in town has already got his eye on Hayley. Irene was having a fit when she found Hayley and her car at home. Hayley says Alex drove it back. Both Irene and Noah aren’t impressed. Anyway, Alex is making himself at home at Gypsy’s house.

Speaking of houses, Leah and Vinnie are worried about their living arrangements. Trust Vinnie to ask Gypsy to move in with Shauna and Sally. Gyspy wasn’t impressed, and why she should she be. It IS her home. Apart from that, Gypsy and Shauna still aren’t the best of friends.

Leah’s dad has offered to pay for an overseas trip as a part of their wedding present. Leah’s really excited about showing Vinnie her home town, but she’s worried she won’t be able to go since Alf will be visiting Roo after the wedding and someone needs to look after the Diner. She’s starting to think this is a sign she’s not meant to marry Vinnie.

Gypsy and Will have been spending a lot of time with each other again. Gypsy has been calling at the house quite a bit, and Irene is getting suss. She thinks something’s going on between them. Lets hope Dani doesn’t find out, because she is actually starting to like Gyspy.

Erin Flannery

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