Episode 2990

Australian Air Date: 23rd February 2001

Noah reveals his insecurities about Jude’s relationship with Shauna. Irene is less than impressed with Hayley’s new car. Alf offends Leah with a racist remark. Gypsy and Will admit that they miss each other.

Drop-in kid who asked Gypsy for the keys to the video-game machine.

Extended Summary

Hayley doesn’t have her licence, so Irene’s wondering how she’s going to get the car home. But Hayley’s already paid for the car, so even if it’s a dud, she can’t do anything about it. Irene’s washed her hands off it, saying Hayley will learn how much it’s going to cost to run the car.

Jude asked Noah what his problem with Shauna was, and it seems it was something to do with Jude’s past relationships. Noah’s worried Jude will forget about him and expect him to pick up the pieces when it fails.

Colleen and Leah have been teasing Vinnie about his looming shave from Uncle Con. Leah tells him there is a bed-turning ritual. It means something about fertility. It’s obvious Leah really, really wants kids.

Fisher asked Dani to write an essay about the hostage scenario. There’s going to be an official inquiry into what happened with Woody. He’s hoping it will work out for the best, because he doesn’t want to end his career ‘under a cloud’.

Dani’s started admitting that Gypsy’s been nice to her. Will said that’s because Gypsy is nice. Irene said Gypsy called again for Will. When asked if she wanted to leave a message for him, Gypsy just said she needed Will’s help at the DIC. When Will showed up later on, Gyspy told him she already had it sorted out. Will needs to be careful not to get too involved or he could be in trouble, with Dani.

Erin Flannery