Episode 2989

Australian Air Date: 22nd February 2001

A lonely Gypsy pines for Will. Brett’s guilt over the siege threatens his relationship. Shauna struggles over her career. Noah and Jude clash over Jude’s relationship with Shauna.

Drop-in kid who found TV a ‘drag’ and retired to bed.

Extended Summary

Gypsy’s been a bit lonely. She wanted to do Sally’s shift at the DIC, even though she had practically been doing them all week. Leah said that they just have to try be friends with her. However Sally thinks Gypsy’s trying to re-establish her friendship with Will.

Leah showed Colleen, Shauna and Sally a video of her when she was ten. It was an educational experience – Leah was a flower girl at a traditional Greek wedding. Vinnie got a peek at the video and he’s not thrilled about Leah’s Uncle Con shaving him with a cut-throat razor before the wedding. Obviously he’s worried about nicks and scratches!

Noah’s been giving Shauna a hard time and is doing everything to make her feel unwelcome. Jude isn’t happy about it and has given Noah an earful about it.

Hayley bought herself a car. She was paid quite a bit for the illustrations from Fisher’s book and was going to go on a shopping spree with Gypsy. Noah got annoyed at her attitude and suggested she put it towards uni. However, she saw this car and decided to buy it.

Erin Flannery