Episode 2936

Australian Air Date: 23rd October 2000

Sandy arrives back in the bay with some shocking news. Nick and Duncan embark on another scam, with Noah’s help. Sally worries that Fisher could jeopardise her teaching career.

Return episode, last seen in #2860.
Twerpy mate of Nick’s who found Noah’s choice in reading laughable.

Extended Summary

Gypsy waited up all night for Harry to call her. He didn’t. He did however, ring the following morning when Gypsy had left for work and Vinnie took the call. Vinnie gave him a serve about not calling when he said he would. Gypsy still hasn’t got the message.
Sandy (remember her) turned up at the Roberts house to see Will but he was at work. She then went to the DIC, gave a false name (well, Sandy is a fake name too!) and asked to stay the night. A few hours later, Shelley found her on her bed in labour!

Fisher picked Brodie and Dani to head the debating teams for a debate they were staging. Brodie is very nervous because she hasn’t done debating before. When Judith heard of this, she confronted Fisher and accused him of trying to prove that Brodie was not ready for Year 11 by putting her in that awkward situation. Fisher said that if he didn’t then that would be seen as favouring her. Judith agreed. She also told him that he was being too hard on Sally. All he said was to sit in one of her classes and find out for herself.

Judith did. And after a comment by Nick about digging up the buried rats, Sally could not control the class. Judith actually calmed them down in the end. Judith told Sally to teach the way that she thinks is best and that she would back her all the way!

Hayley had her maths exam and then after a good pep talk from Noah she took her Art exam. She seems to have done well at that.
Noah overheard Nick and Duncan talking about writing an exam on the revolution. He told them just to read one book. They suggested that he write their essays for them and offered him $7.50 each. Noah agreed!

Caterpillar, 2000

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