Episode 2933

Australian Air Date: 18th October 2000

Kirsty wows her family with her athletic talent. Sally is thrilled that her lesson-plan goes off without a hitch. Noah thinks Irene may have hindered his attempt at getting a job with Rhys. Dani is supportive of Shelley after hearing about her baby’s death.

First appearance. Student who was apprehensive about Sally’s rat mummification class.
First appearance. Oversaw Hayley’s Year 12 exam.

Extended Summary

Kirsty was still really angry with Brodie for what her brother did to her mum. Duncan and Nick were playing rugby on the beach with Kirsty and Jade watching. Rhys and Shelley turned up and challenged them to a game of touch rugby. He teamed Kirsty up with Brodie and it seemed to mend their friendship. Now they are mates again.
Hayley took a walk before her exam and Noah caught up with her to wish her luck. Irene saw them together and Hayley explained later that she hadn’t gone off to meet Noah, but Noah had tracked her down. Hayley took her exam but hadn’t read/heard the instructions correctly. They said to answer one question in each section (3 sections) but she realised her mistake with 10 minutes to go and had answered 2 questions in the one section (so only 2 of her answers would be marked). She left crying and was supposed to meet Irene at the Diner but couldn’t face her. Instead, Noah found her. They went back to her house where Noah decided to help her study for her next exams. Irene walked in on them and Hayley said that he exam went badly and Noah said “but I told her not to worry….” and Irene started yelling at them without waiting to hear all that he was going to say! She yelled at both of them and told Hayley that she obviously doesn’t care about her exams because she caught her with Noah in the morning and then walked in on them laughing in the afternoon when Hayley was supposed to meet her at the Diner!

The Mummification of the Rats took place in Sally’s history class and everyone was excited by it except for Dani. She couldn’t handle it and had to run to the bathroom to vomit! Sally thought the class was a success!

Caterpillar, 2000

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