Episode 2934

Australian Air Date: 19th October 2000

Colleen’s carelessness leads to disaster in the diner. Shauna confronts Harry about her feelings towards her. Sally decides she wants to teach at Summer Bay High.

Delivered food to the Diner just before Colleen’s ‘flaming’ disaster.

> Baby Margaret Smart is born off-screen in this episode.

Extended Summary

Fisher suggested to Sally not to apply for a full time teaching job at Summer Bay High because as she was a student there she would find it hard to earn respect from the students and she would have that added pressure. Sally took everything that Fisher said to her personally and she said “I am going to be a really good teacher one day no matter what people think of me”.

Gypsy found a framed picture of Harry and Shauna on his wardrobe. She told him that she was going to replace the photo with a photo of them together. Harry said that he didn’t want to lose the photo and that she should get another frame. Gypsy hit the roof and couldn’t understand why Harry would keep it. Vinnie heard what was going on and told Leah. Leah then told Shauna who then went to see Harry. Harry gave Shauna the photo and later on, Shauna shook staring at it on the beach.

Alf suggested that they cut costs at the Diner and Colleen overheard. She thinks that she is going to get fired. The next day, Leah was late and the other employee didn’t turn up so Colleen was running the Diner on her own. She put some chips in the fryer and then her daughter-in-law rang. When she went back to the kitchen, the fryer was on fire. Leah came in and tried to help her put it out but then Colleen poured water on it, which fuelled it further!

Caterpillar, 2000

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