Episode 1256

Australian Air Date: 14th June 1993
Writer: Sharyn Rosenberg
Director: Russell Webb

Adam knows he is finished in Summer Bay unless he can prove his innocence.

Extended Summary

It starts in the Ross house where Alf’s on a delivery run and Pippa tells him that Adam is number one suspect for the vandalism. Damian can’t believe he would stoop so low and Sally still has her doubts even though what she heard, would suggest he’s guilty. At the Surf Club, Adam protests his innocence to Nick and Michael. He admits he did joke to Shane about wrecking the place, so he would be assured of, at least another week’s work but that’s all it was – just talk. Nick decides to question Shane and tells Adam he had better pray that Shane backs him up. Back at the caravan park, Fin’s keeping Bill amused as Damian comes out, to go for a run. When she asks him about his injured leg, he tells her he’s taken Laura’s advice and it’s working. He goes off, as Bill asks her to explain Damian’s injury and then asks if they can go roller-skating. She says it depends on Luke, who comes out to call him in for his English lesson, which he doesn’t want to do but he has no choice. The lesson is fraught with problems because Bill doesn’t like his teaching methods but Luke refuses to ease up. Meanwhile, Damian meets up with Laura again and tells her, her exercises have helped him enormously. This time, she invites him to stay to do a spot of fishing and they talk. Back at Fisher’s, Nick questions Shane about the conversation that Sally overheard and although Fisher thinks Adam’s guilty, Shane now thinks differently. However, at the Surf Club, Michael’s convinced of Adam’s guilt and is further incensed, when Nick informs him, as there is no real proof against Adam, he can’t do anything. Pippa and Fin are talking outside about what Michael’s decided to do for the kiosk when Bill comes along, muttering to himself so Fin offers to take him down to the Diner. As they leave, a dejected Luke arrives and confides to Pippa that his decision to put Bill into High School might have been wrong and that maybe, Fisher was right. At the Diner, Bill tries to read the menu and as he stumbles over a word, two lads make fun of him and Fin tells them off. It upsets Bill and he runs out and down to the beach with Fin chasing after him. She tries to talk to him but he wishes he could go home and he’s also lost faith in her. Back at the Diner, Sally’s dejected at not being able to find work and as she worries about Adam, he comes in. He’s convinced it was Fisher who reported him to the police but Bobby pretends she doesn’t know anything. Sally confesses it was her and he’s shocked. Then Alf comes in and gets into a heated argument with Adam, leaving Bobby trying to console Adam but he’s fed up with the attitude of his so-called friends.

Damian appears to have won Laura’s trust, as she invites him in for tea. He talks of her achievements, as he looks at her trophies in envy, wishing he could emulate her. She lends him a couple of books on ‘running’ and then offers to coach him, making his day. He goes home and tells Pippa and Michael his good news, as Fin goes off to look for Bill. She goes over to talk to Luke and thinks she has an idea on how to help Bill.
At the Surf Club, Shane’s working on his surf-board, when Adam comes in and thanks him for sticking up for him. When he says Alf’s probably got the right idea about him leaving town, Shane disagrees because the real culprit will be caught but Adam says that seems unlikely.

It ends when Adam tells him he’s a dead man in Summer Bay and there’s not a single thing he can do about it…

Avril M Harrison

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