Episode 1233

Australian Air Date: 12th May 1993
Writer: Greg Millin
Director: Michael Ailwood

Tug’s attempts at reconciliation with Sarah land him in the dirt with Alf. Shane decides to try a novel approach in his quest for Angel’s heart.

Final episode.

Extended Summary

Fisher returns home from work, glad there’s just one more week left until he retires but Nick reminds him, it’s early retirement. But he comments, at least it’s his decision. Nick asks Shane if he wants to go for a swim but he has to turn it down because he’s meeting Damian and then it’s off to rehearsals. Angel comes rushing all excited about receiving her first Dole cheque and comments it makes her real person again. Nick goads Shane into taking her down to the Diner to celebrate and as they leave, Fisher reflects how sad it is, to see one so young, excited to receive the Dole. When Nick says it’s the way things are Fisher blames the teachers and the system. Nick then says, that in a week’s time, it won’t be his problem anymore and he’s left to ponder his decision and sighs. Shane goes down to the Diner with Angel and when she brags about him buying her a milk shake, he tells her he’s not staying and puts the money down on the counter and leaves. Angel goes over to sit with Sarah, who’s looking so sad and Alisa’s surprised that they know one another. She tells her Damian introduced them and then turns to Sarah, to ask what’s going on. Luke comes in looking for volunteers for his working bee on the sets of the musical. When he jokes about he’d rather be doing this than getting a smack in the face from Roxy, Ailsa asks him if he really expected Roxy to pay for the ticket fiasco. He looks surprised and queries where she got that from and Ailsa says because someone told them!

Roxy finds Imogen down by the sea, looking out at the waves and she tackles her about the missing blouse and exams papers and the ticket mix up. When she stays silent, Roxy asks her why she hates her so much and Imogen lets rip. It all comes down to when they were growing up and Roxy was the favourite, who do no wrong and she, was always being told, why couldn’t she be more like her sister! Before she leaves, she tells Roxy she’s sorry she discovered her hate campaign because she was just beginning to enjoy herself. Roxy stares at the ground in disbelief.

Angel spells it out to Sarah about guys like Shane and Tug – they’re users who thinks girls don’t know any better but Damian’s different – he isn’t trying to prove anything. Luke comes over and reminds Sarah she’s wanted for the working bee and persuades Angel to come along too, after he promises not to try and get her to take part in the musical. At the Surf Club, Shane and Tug are still throwing insults at each other and when Angel walks by, Damian admits to Shane, that he really fancies her. Shane pulls a face but Damian goes on about her looks and he starts to see her in a different light. Then Angel goes on to prove her point to Sarah about how men think they’re stupid. She tells Luke the musical they’re doing is stupid, which he’s not chuffed about, and goes on to say why aren’t they doing something like a Greek tragedy, which is far more important. When she quotes a couple of choices, he’s taken aback by her knowledge, of such things. As the students get cracking on the scenery for the musical, Luke tries to get Angel to talk to him. He tells her for a street kid, she knows an awful lot and wants to know how that is. She gets annoyed and tells him to butt out. He goes over to talk to Fisher about her and he’s figured out where Angel’s coming from. He tells him, that she’s very intelligent but has found life and school boring and decided to drop out of the system. When Angel comes in, Luke tells her they were just talking about her and she gets aggro again, especially when he asks why she won’t take part in the musical. When she says it because it’s boring, he comments, just like school, she agrees and walks out. Fisher begins to see her in a different light.

Tug goes off to do some training for his bronze medallion and Nick’s impressed as he watches him but he’s not a happy lad. Nick gets him to talk about it and when Tug says he’s giving up on Sarah, Nick tells him to hang on in there – because that’s what will impress Sarah in the end.

Back at the Diner, after their stint at the Surf Club, Shane admits to Damian that Angel is gorgeous and is going to try and crack onto her again. Roxy comes in and tells Ailsa about the confrontation she had with Imogen and that she’s at home packing – leaving tonight. Roxy thinks she needs profession help because she won’t listen to her. Luke arrives and this time she speaks to him and they make up.

Shane goes back home to try and get a date with Angel but he gets knocked back. Fisher comes in and he decides to have a little game with Angel, to try and she how brainy she is. She falls hook, line and sinker for it, when he deliberately misquotes some characters from a Greek play and she bets him five bucks, she’s right but she’ll have to wait until she can go to the library in the morning. Shane’s in the dark as to what is going on but Fisher just smiles to himself for being so clever.

Tug seeks out Nick in the Surf Club and asks him what to do about Sarah. Nick tells him to go round and see her and find out, once and for all, where he stands with her. He goes off and Nick tells Luke, “never give anyone advice”. When he comments that’s he’s surprised he’s not with Roxy, Luke tells him there’s no way he’s going anywhere near the Stewart’s, until Imogen has left Summer Bay for good. Nick then grins and says he’s just sent Tug round there and Luke reckons he’s going to need all the luck he can get, because he’s about to walk into a minefield. Alf doesn’t know what’s going on as Imogen gathers her belongings together and refuses to talk to Roxy. She’s curt with Ailsa when she says Alf will run her to the station. Then Tug knocks on the door and Alf tells him Sarah doesn’t want to see him. Thinking she’s in her room, he starts throwing stones at the window but she’s not there. Imogen’s ready at last and Alf goes to get the car. Roxy follows her to the door and says, she’ll see her sometime but Imogen doesn’t ever want to see her again and Roxy’s heartbroken. Meanwhile, Tug gets annoyed because he thinks she’s ignoring him and chucks a big stone through the window, and gets caught by Alf. Next morning, Nick catches up with Tug on the beach and he’s heard what happened to him the night before. Tug has had it with Sarah and is giving up for good. Back at the Stewart’s, Alf is livid and calls Tug a hooligan and reckons he’s going to end up in jail, just like his old man. Ailsa tells him to calm down and poor Sarah is feeling bad about it. Ailsa goes off to work, leaving Alf to take Duncan off to the child-minder. Roxy comes in and she and Sarah talks about Imogen’s departure and Tug’s bungled attempt to woo her.

Shane meets up with Damian in the Diner and tells him that Angel knocked him back and he can’t understand it because she likes Damian. Damian tells him the reason they get on so well is because he listens to her, so Shane decides he’s got to do the same, which Damian thinks is funny. Tug comes in and when he see Sarah, he goes over to her and tells her, he’s giving up on her. She smiles sweetly at him and tells him she was about to give him another chance. He’s elated and sits down beside her and gives her a peck on the cheek.

Angel has returned from the library with the book with all the answers and starts quoting from it but soon realises she’s been conned.

It ends when she asks Fisher what’s he playing at and he tells her, it was the only way to get through to her and she’s not leaving the room until they get in sorted out…

Avril M Harrison

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