Episode 976

Australian Air Date: 6th April 1992
Writer: Sean Nash
Director: Peter Rawling

Blake has difficulty dealing with Meg’s death.

Return episode, last seen in #975. Returned as a vision from Blake’s subconscious.

Extended Summary

Julia Bowman goes out to her kitchen to look through some photos of herself, Meg and Blake and she is putting them in a photo album.

Alf and Simon are still fishing. Blake is still sitting with Meg. Meg is dead but Alf and Simon doesn’t know that yet.

While Julia is looking at photos, Ailsa turns up and talks to her.

Alf and Simon give up the fishing and go over to Meg and Blake. Blake is very sad and say that Meg won’t wake up. Blake begs for Meg’s sake but she is dead. (Music plays)

Simon, Blake and Alf come to Julia’s house and tell Ailsa that Meg is dead. Ailsa tells Julia about it. Julia did know that Meg was dead before Ailsa said it to her. (Emotional music plays)

Little Sam is out walking and is eating a hotdog. A stray dog walks up to him and wants to taste some. After a while Sam gives him some. (Happy music plays)

Julia and Blake are devastated at Julia’s house. Simon, Alf and Ailsa are there too.

The stray dog won’t leave Sam. Sam plays around with the dog and they both have a great time.

The dog follows Sam when he leaves.

Ailsa phones Pippa and Michael’s house to say that Meg died today. Michael tells Sally, Sophie and Fin that Meg is dead.

Sam comes into the Diner and tells Bobby about the stray dog that is following him around. He wants to keep the dog, but Bobby isn’t keen on the idea. Sam calls the dog by the nickname Hot Dog.

Ailsa has an emotional talk with Blake. Blake is very upset over Meg’s death. He can’t understand why she was here one minute and dead the next.

Bobby and Greg talk to Sam about Meg and explain that she is dead. Sam understands what they mean and he is sad.

Bobby and Greg tell Sam that he has to let the dog go in case he has a home to go to. They are in the park where Sam found the dog and the dog runs away so it seems as if he has a home to go to.

Bobby and Greg try to cheer Sam up. Sam will be going to a kids’ party.

Julia gives Blake the letter which Meg wrote for him. Julia acts as if nothing has happened. Alf and Ailsa are a bit worried about that.

Blake reads the letter on the beach. (Voiceover of Meg’s voice). The letter says, “Hello my darling. I know that sounds really wet but I don’t care. I love you. I needed to say some things to you because I knew how upset you would be. And I never wanted our love to make you sad. I only ever wanted to see you happy. You look so wonderful when you smile.
“I want you to remember two things from me. One: is that I love you so much. The other is: it’s all over now. You got to let me go and get on with the rest of your life. Be happy for me, Blake. And keep smiling. I love you very much. Meg.
“PS I know how stubborn you can be so I want you to promise me right now that you’re going to do what I’ve asked. Only remember the good times and keep me in the past that’s where I belong. Come on, promise right now.”

Blake is devastated and says, “I can’t do that. I don’t want to lose you Meg. I can’t”. Blake cries. (Emotional music through whole scene)

Ola Carlsson, 2000