Episode 779

Australian Air Date: 30th May 1991
Writer: Anthony Ellis
Director: Sean Nash

Pippa helps Bobby come to terms with her feelings. Karen’s deception grows.

Extended Summary

Adam is in the Diner and orders a lot of food from Ailsa. Pippa comes by with some quiches she has done for Ailsa. Adam wants Pippa to make him one. Pippa is ok with that.

Ailsa tell Pippa about Bobby. She explains that Bobby did run away with Sam at first but changed her mind after a while. Pippa speaks to Bobby about it. Pippa think Bobby should foster another child. Bobby won’t do that since she got too hurt this time. Pippa continues to try to talk Bobby into it.

Blake asks Sophie where Karen is. After a while Sophie tells him that she is on the beach.

Sally speaks to Sophie in the Diner. Apparently some kids teased Sally about needing a bra. Sally feels miserable. Sophie tells Pippa about it.

Blake didn’t find Karen at the beach. He goes to Revhead’s house. Karen and Revhead are there. Karen is feeling sick. Blake understands that she must have taken drugs. Blake drags Karen home and speaks to her about it.

Pippa talks to Sally. Pippa say they can buy a bra for her. Sally feels a bit embarrassed about her body changing. Pippa explain that it is normal and that it is a part of growing up.

Blake talks to Revhead. He is very angry with Revhead. Blake tells him to stop giving her drugs.

Sophie speaks to Karen. Karen is a bit angry with Sophie. Karen explains that she won’t take drugs anymore.

Sally is trying out different clothes in her room. Michael is on his way upstairs to bring in the clean clothes that Pippa has washed. While Sally is about to take of her shirt, Michael walks in. Sally gets very upset and yells at him to get out. Sally is feeling miserable.

Pippa speaks to Sally in her room. (Music plays)

Revhead phones to Alf’s house to speak to Karen. Alf, Ailsa, Blake and Karen are in the middle of eating dinner. Blake answers the phone. Blake isn’t happy about it but he pretends that it is Sophie calling and that she is asking for Karen. Karen speaks to Revhead while pretending she is speaking to Sophie. Karen and Revhead will spend some time together tonight.

Sally comes down from her room. She is feeling a bit better now. Michael apologises to her for barging into her room. Adam comes by and pays Pippa for the quiche. Adam asks if Sally is ok. He mentions the word “bra” and Sally runs up to her room in a hurry.

Karen goes out to visit Revhead even though Blake tells her not to spend time with him.

Ola Carlsson, 2000

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