Episode 778

Australian Air Date: 29th May 1991
Writer: Sean Nash
Director: Sean Nash

Has Bobby ruined her chances of ever being a foster mother again?

Final episode. Was taken back by Jackie.
Final episode. Took Sam away from Bobby.

Extended Summary

Julie and Nick speak in the Diner. Revhead comes in. Julie say that she have something important to tell him later.

Sophie speaks to Karen in the Diner. Revhead comes by and says hello. Sophie is worried since Karen is seeing Revhead behind Alf and Ailsa’s back.

Bobby and Sam will be sleeping again in Bobby’s car. Sam is very curious about where they going on this trip. Bobby doesn’t really know where they are going. (Music plays)

Nick tells Maz that Julia is moving to the city to go to the university.

Julie tells Revhead about it. He gets angry and says that she can’t survive there on her own. Julie explains that she will make it on her own.

Fisher and Ailsa are getting very worried about Bobby and Sam. They don’t know what to do.

Revhead speaks to Nick. He wants Nick to try to talk Julie out of the idea to move to the city. Nick says he won’t do that. Revhead gets even angrier.

Revhead spends time with Sophie and Karen in the Diner. Revhead asks Karen to skip school to come with him to the beach. She says she can’t do that since she has Fisher for that class.

Louise from the department comes to the beach house to collect Sam to bring him back to his real mother Jackie.

Marilyn is in the beach house and tells her that Bobby and Sam will be back soon. She doesn’t tell her that they actually have run away. Fisher phones. He and Ailsa will take one last look around for Bobby and Sam and if they don’t find them they have to tell the truth to Louise.

Karen wants to skip school anyway but Sophie tries to talk her out of it. When Karen see that a temporary teacher (Miss Chester) will hold the class since Fisher is busy, then she decides to skip the class to be with Revhead. Sophie thinks it is very stupid.

Fisher and Ailsa arrive at the beach house to tell Louise that Bobby has run away with Sam. All of a sudden Bobby comes back with Sam and everyone is happy. So Louise never got to know the truth. Sam explains that they were out on the biggest drive in the world.

Bobby has a long emotional talk with Sam to say goodbye to him. (Emotional music)

Sam explains that he will miss Bobby very much. Bobby say that they can visit each if his mother’s says yes to that.

Revhead speaks to Julie. He has cooled down now and he is ok with her going away to the city to go to university.

Sam says goodbye to Fisher, Marilyn and Nick. And after one last very emotional goodbye to Bobby, Sam leaves to live with his mother. He took Mr Finnegan with him (his teddy). Bobby waved to Bobby and the rest from the car window. (Very emotional scene with music)

Karen skipped school and comes to Revhead. They will hang out down at the beach.

Fisher speaks to Bobby. He tries to cheer her up. She looks at photo of her and Sam and say she never will foster another kid. Bobby says she is a bad foster mother. Fisher tries to convince her otherwise. (Emotional music- same music as at the end of Bobby and Franks wedding episode 243 – 1989)

Karen and Revhead are down at beach. Revhead offers her a joint of dope. Karen says no to that at first but changes her mind. She smokes dope (no footage shown) and is feeling a bit sick. Sophie comes down at beach and speaks to Karen since people at school have noticed that Karen is missing. Sophie notices that Karen has been smoking dope. Sophie explains what a mistake Karen is making by spending time with the low-life Revhead.

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