Episode 780

Australian Air Date: 31st May 1991
Writer: Mary Dagmar Davies
Director: Sean Nash

Marilyn is disappointed when she begins the search for her parents. Alf suspects Karen has been seeing Revhead.

Final episode.

Extended Summary

Karen comes over to Revhead’s house. They watch television.

Marilyn speaks to Matt. She is excited about tracking down her parents.

Michael tell Haydn about Sally being a bit sensitive at the moment because of her body growing up and the boys teasing her about needing a bra.

Pippa speaks to Sally up in her room. Sally is still feeling miserable. Pippa tries to cheer her up. They have a long talk with each other. (Music plays)

Adam talks to Maz in the Diner. He will go with her when she tries to track down her parents.

Karen and Revhead are making out at his sofa. Karen wants to take things a bit slowly at the moment. Revhead is ok with that.

Karen comes home late. Alf is annoyed. Karen lies and says that she was studying with Sophie.

In the night, Sally is awake and speaks to Sophie in their room. Pippa and Sally will shop a bra for Sally tomorrow. Sally is worried about it. Sophie tries to cheer her up and explains about when she was younger and when she needed a bra for the first time. Sophie also talks a bit about her dad and how hard it was growing up with him. (Music plays)

Next day, Sally and Pippa go out to shop a bra.

Adam and Marilyn arrive at a home for children where Marilyn grew up. Marilyn goes in a try to track down her parents.

Haydn and Sophie are in Alf’s store. Alf goes on about how late Sophie and Karen were studying last night. Sophie doesn’t know what he is talking about. She understands that Karen must have lied to him so she pretends that she actually was studying with Karen last night.

Revhead and Karen speak on the phone.

Marilyn had no luck with tracking down her parents through the children’s home. Maz is a bit depressed.

Pippa and Sally have been out shopping a bra for Sally. Sally tries one on and she feels better about the whole thing. Sally and Pippa hug.

Alf speaks to Karen in his store about the late studying with Sophie. Revhead walks in. Karen and Revhead act innocent.

Sally changes her tune and sort of feels proud about wearing a bra. She wants everyone in her family to notice it. She gets a bit annoyed at first and say that she is wearing a bra. Sally feels good about being more grown up.

Alf ask Pippa if Karen and Sophie really were studying last night. Pippa is puzzled. Alf realises that Karen must have lied.

Alf is very angry with Karen and have a yelling attack at her in his store!

Ola Carlsson, 2000

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