Episode 781

Australian Air Date: 3rd June 1991
Writer: Sharyn Rosenberg
Director: Michael Ailwood

Pippa wants to foster another teenager. Karen makes matters worse for herself.

Final episode. Helped Pippa on the decision to foster Tracey.

Extended Summary

Sally is asking Pippa questions about a school project Sally has to do for school. Sally has to find an interesting person that helps the community that she will write about in the project.

Pippa speaks to Sophie about Karen’s lying to Alf. Sophie admits it.

Alf is very angry with Karen. He continues to yell at her. Karen is getting upset as well. Karen feels that Alf and Ailsa is very unfair since they won’t allow Karen to see Revhead. Alf won’t let her do that since Revhead and his mates sort of attacked his daughter Roo a while back.

Louise comes over to the beach house and speaks to Bobby. Sam is settling in ok with his mum. Louise asks Bobby if she wants to foster a 16-year-old girl named Tracey. Bobby is doubtful.

Alf continues to lay down the law and gives Karen a hard time.

Alf and Ailsa speak. They are worried if Karen has slept with Revhead or not.

Bobby talks to Pippa about the 16-year old girl named Tracey. Bobby feel that she isn’t ready to foster again because of what happened with Sam. Louise speaks to Pippa

Sally has a hard time to get her project rolling. She speaks to Pippa about it. Michael has been out feeding Dag Dog.

Pippa speaks to Michael about Tracey. Pippa wants to think about fostering her. Michael doesn’t think it is a good idea since they already have a lot of kids to look after. Pippa is disappointed.

Christopher had nightmares. Pippa and Michael continue to talk.

Ailsa speaks to Karen about Revhead. She is worried if Revhead sort of are pressuring her into sleeping with him. Karen says it is no ones business except for her and Revhead.

Sally reads in the newspaper about Nick and a robbery he stopped yesterday. Sally wants to write about Nick in the school project.

Alf tell Karen that she is grounded and that Ailsa will keep an eye on her while she is home. Karen hates the idea.

Alf yells at Revhead. He tell him that he should stay away from Karen since she is only 16 etc.

Duncan is not feeling well. He has a temperature. Ailsa will take him to the doctor. She wants Karen to come with her so she can keep an eye on her. Karen insists that she will stay home and that she can be trusted etc.

When Ailsa has left, Karen phones Sophie. She wants Sophie to tell Revhead that they can meet each other even though Karen is grounded. Sophie won’t do it but Karen keeps on nagging so Sophie will do it after all.

Karen meets Revhead outdoors. Alf comes by and is very angry. Revhead runs off.

Pippa is annoyed with Michael since he won’t think about the idea of fostering Tracey. Louise phones. Pippa talks like they can foster Tracey but that she has to talk it over with the whole family. Bobby comes in. Pippa and Michael are angry with each other. Bobby feels a bit awkward.

Alf is taking Karen home and has a screaming match with her. Ailsa is very disappointed since she did go out even though she promised to stay home. Alf won’t let Karen leave the house from now on!

Ola Carlsson, 2000

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