Episode 520

Australian Air Date: 20th April 1990
Writer: Lynette Jacob
Director: Peter Rawling

Celia receives a rousing farewell. A stranger comes to Summer Bay in search of Emma.

Extended Summary

Celia has joined the family for dinner at Summer Bay House; a traditional Australian meal before she goes overseas. A woman comes to the house looking for a caravan. Pippa shows her to a van and takes her details. She says her name is Bridget… Brown. She’s going through a divorce at the moment and her two boys are heartbroken, unlike her daughter who left home ages ago.

Alf, Ailsa and Emma are eating dessert. Emma will work it off with the big touch football game tomorrow. The girls intend to thrash the guys. Ailsa enjoys the banter between Emma and Alf and comments on how much Emma has changed since she arrived.

Celia gives Ben and Carly their wedding present as she will miss the wedding. It’s the Bible that Celia’s parents gave her on her engagement to Les. Carly says it’s beautiful. Celia hopes they will have filled in some spaces on the family tree by her next visit. Sally looks forward to being an Auntie.

Sally is at the store the next morning discussing the weather in Africa with Alf when Emma, Adam, Bobby, Matt, Viv and Steven come in on their way to the game. Alf thinks girls aren’t cut out to play football, even touch! Bridget, the woman from the caravan park, is sitting in her car outside and watches intently as they all leave the store. She enters the store as Sally is leaving with the presents she’s bought for Celia (one of her best friends; aww!) and asks Alf if he is Mr. Stewart. She asks what there is to do in town and enquires about the group of teenagers she saw leaving. Alf tells her about the game.

The game starts at the oval. Grant is watching from his van and Bridget has a go at him when he misses the bin with his apple core. Grant introduces himself and tells her he teaches most of these kids.

Carly is trying on a practise wedding dress at the house when Sally comes home with her presents for Celia. Ben appears and Carly tells him he’s not allowed the see the dress but Ben says it looked more like a sheet! Pippa tells Ben not to let Carly eat any more pizza because she’s putting on weight!

Tom tells Emma off for tackling Adam. Bridget says Emma looks like a tough cookie and Grant says Adam is her boyfriend. Bridget asks about him and Grant says he’s unemployed. Bridget says Emma looks too smart to get caught up with a loser. Grant asks why she’s so interested in Emma but Bridget says she just caught her eye.

The Diner is filling up with Celia’s potted plants that she wants to sell for the African fund. They’re like her children and she’s going to miss them! Ailsa asks how she’s supposed to work around them but Celia asks how Africans are supposed to eat without them making sacrifices to raise money for them!

The girls win the game and are delighted. Grant offers to introduce Bridget to some locals but she hurries off. The players head to the Diner and Tom suggests a vote to choose Bobby or Adam as captain. Grant tells Emma there was a woman asking questions about her. Adam wins the vote; one of the girls must have voted for him. Emma insists it wasn’t her. Bobby admits she voted for Adam because he’s the best man for the job and she has the council election coming up.

Celia’s farewell party takes place at the Fletchers’ in the evening and Betty Falwell is there for a final appearance. Sally gives Celia her presents and the others give her a pith helmet. In her caravan, Bridget picks up a framed photo of her family… including Emma! Back at the house, Grant, Matt, Adam and Steven perform the “Celia rap” and she appears to enjoy it, surprisingly. Later, Celia makes a speech. Summer Bay has been her home for almost 40 years. Her friends are part of her family and she will take the memories wherever she goes. And that’s it; the last we’ll see of Celia for 10 years.

Bridget comes to the store again and tells Alf she’s been looking for Ailsa. Alf asks if she knows her. She says she’s Bridget Jackson, Ailsa’s sister. She’s here to collect Emma and take her home!

Guest Cast


First episode. Emma’s nasty mother. Ailsa and Tony’s sister. Visited the Bay in an attempt to lure Emma back home.

Arrivals and Departures

Final episode. Left Summer Bay to join a missionary in Africa.


  • Bridget hails from Riverstown and has two sons younger than Emma.

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