Episode 450

Australian Air Date: 9th January 1990
UK Air Date: 8th November 1990
Writer: Mary Dagmar Davies
Director: Julian McSwiney

Steven has a brush with death. Pippa becomes a victim of small-town gossip.

Extended Summary

Adam, Andrew and Bobby talk about how the shark autopsy showed that Zac had caught the wrong shark and that they’ll need to keep looking. Martin sits nearby saying all the talk of cutting sharks open has put him off his baked beans.

Viv and Steven continue frolicking and canoodling in the sea.

Alf and Tom are at Summer Bay House how he was the last to know about Pippa and Zac. Alf advises Tom to talk to Pippa, but he tells him that Pippa has lost his trust.

Viv walks out of the surf despite Steven’s urging to stay in with him. She sits down and starts towelling herself off when she spots a shark in the area. She shouts at Steven to come in and he just manages to swim away from the shark.

Tom and Pippa continue with their way through the stocks of Fosters. Pippa walks in with a heavy box of shopping and Alf takes his cue to leave, whilst Tom tells Pippa she’s currently a “stressful circumstance” and goes upstairs for a lie down.

Martin is still at the diner when Lance comes in with Marilyn saying that they should go partying because he and Maz are getting hitched. Martin goes on about broke they are and Lance and Martin leave without him. Viv and Steven walk in, still in their swimming attire, and Bobby points out that the diner does have a dress code. They then reveal there is still a shark in the bay.

Tom complains to Pippa about the mess of the house.

There is a discussion at the diner involving Alf, Andrew, Adam, Steven, Viv and Bobby about what to do now they know that there is still a shark out there and what to do with Zac. As they all disperse, Celia walks in, complaining to Bobby about leaving the phone off the hook and then tells Martin that if he doesn’t get her the money by the following day, he’ll no longer have a business.

Tom and Pippa are looking at the cuts on Steven’s legs. They’re pretty annoyed with Zac and Andrew tells them that Alf has went around to tell him to get out of town. Pippa says Steven should have been more responsible and not taken Viv out with him. Tom continues his snappiness, though Pippa is still unclear what it is all about. Alf is in Zac’s caravan. Zac says it was a genuine mistake and that they should have waited till the autopsy. Anyway, the council says that they want Zac to continue searching for the shark and Zac is unwilling to take Alf’s pay-off.

Martin is waiting up for Lance. He starts having a go at Lance for having fancy meals with Marilyn whilst the pair of them are facing financial ruin at Cafe de Waves. Martin then thinks that they should ask Marilyn to become a partner, but Lance is dead set against the idea. The following morning, Martin goes around to The Sands and starts talking to Marilyn to try and get her involved into the project.

Tom goes around to see Zac. Tom asks Zac to get out of the caravan park. Zac says Steven shouldn’t have been in the water, but Tom says that it’s not Steven he was annoyed about.

Martin goes around to talk to Celia about the debt. Whilst Martin is grovelling to Celia about finding more time to pay off the debts, Celia reveals that some fairy godmother has paid them off and they are no longer business partners.

Marilyn then goes around to show Lance that she had paid off the debt to Celia, but Lance pulls her out the caravan and tell her they are going to kill Martin. At the diner, with no financial worries, Martin is ordering a slap-up meal. Lance and Martin walk in, and Lance says that they are going to have ask Celia for the money back. Bobby suggests however that they take Marilyn on as the third partner and Marilyn is thrilled with the idea.

Pippa goes around to see Alf and see if he knows why Tom is in such a stinking mood lately. Alf reveals that Tom knows that Pippa has been playing behind his back with Zac.

Guest Cast


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