Episode 449

Australian Air Date: 8th January 1990
UK Air Date: 7th November 1990
Writer: Bruce Hancock
Director: Julian McSwiney

Fisher is concerned about Viv’s relationship with Steven. The realisation that Pippa is having an affair crumbles Tom.

Extended Summary

Steven and Viv arrive back at her place. Viv says she was on the verge of giving up on Steven. Steven says he was fed up of doing all the chasing and wanted her to know how he felt. Viv explains she always liked him but was worried she might have to leave town. Meanwhile, Tom, Pippa and Bobby arrive back at the caravan park house. Bobby is looking forward to the beach reopening and Pippa is looking forward to Zac leaving. Tom, who isn’t saying much, says he thought she was getting used to having him around. Bobby says there’s more than one reason to be glad Zac’s going, looking pointedly at a confused Pippa, who doesn’t understand why Tom and Bobby are both being cold towards her.

Steven and Viv are kissing on the couch when Don arrives home. Steven quickly makes himself scarce. Viv tells Don that she’s serious about Steven but he points out he hasn’t said otherwise and goes to bed. At the caravan park house, Steven tells Tom and Pippa that he and Viv are an item. He says they’re heading down the beach in the morning. Pippa reminds him it’s still shut until after the autopsy. He goes up to bed. Pippa tries to talk to Tom but when she goes to touch him he pulls away and tells her to go to bed, saying he needs to be on his own.

At the Diner, Andrew and Adam are on their own as Andrew theorises Zac is lying about catching the shark and might be paying off the vet. Adam doesn’t think he’d risk his professional reputation but Andrew thinks he might have debts or addictions and needs the money, meaning they need to be at the autopsy. In his van, Zac tells the vet, Robbo, that he’ll get $1000 once he’s confirmed the shark’s the genuine article. Robbo is worried the townspeople might want proof but Zac says he should just act as though his professional pride’s hurt if they do. He isn’t concerned about the possibility of someone else being attacked if the shark’s still out there.

Early the next morning, Andrew and Adam go round to see Alf. They tell him of their suspicions about Zac and that they should keep an eye on him. The three of them head round to Zac’s caravan. Zac tells them Robbo doesn’t like an audience but, when they insist, he says the autopsy will be at three o’clock.

Don heads round to the caravan park house to see Tom, who says Pippa has gone shopping. Don tells him he caught Steven and Viv kissing and is worried it might have developed if he hadn’t come home. Tom thinks they’re both sensible but Don wants him to talk to Steven about the risks. Tom says he’s got a lot on his plate and Don would be better off talking to Viv: In his experience, it’s the females that need to be kept in line. Don heads to the Diner where he tells Bobby about his concerns. Bobby offers to talk to Viv but when Don says he wanted Tom to talk to Steven Bobby suggests he’d be better off chatting to Viv, since Steven probably knows everything whilst Viv had a restrictive upbringing. Pippa arrives, laden down with groceries, and asks Bobby if she knows why Tom’s suddenly so cold towards her. Bobby abruptly says that if Pippa doesn’t know she can’t help her.

Zac and Robbo draw up outside the surf club. Zac assures Robbo the townspeople think the autopsy is in a couple of hours. They head inside and lock the doors. Adam and Andrew then emerge from behind a curtain, where they’ve been for half an hour. Andrew demands they start the autopsy. Zac grabs the autopsy knife and threatens them but then two more members of the surf club emerge from hiding. Andrew reiterates for them to start.

At the Diner, Bobby and Ailsa discuss the fact Tom obviously knows about Pippa and Zac. Bobby thinks they should do something but Ailsa says it’s for Tom and Pippa to sort out. Bobby thinks Tom needs someone to talk to. Meanwhile, Andrew and the others continue to stand over Robbo as he does the autopsy. One of the surf club boys, Brad, runs out to be sick.

Don is practising what to say for Viv when she comes in wearing her new bikini. She says it’s for when she goes to the beach with Steven and she misinterprets Don’s comment on there being enough of her to see, thinking he’s calling her fat. Don asks her to cover herself up while they’re having dinner and she puts on a baggy jumper but leaves her cheese because she’s worried about putting on weight. Don broaches the subject of her having a physical relationship and Viv realises he’s talking about her and Steven sleeping together, saying they’re not. Don attempts again to discuss the risks but Viv says if they do sleep together they’ll take all that into account and that kids today know more about the risks than Don’s lot.

Alf arrives at the Fletcher house just as Steven is leaving and joins Tom for a beer. Tom realises that everyone knows about Pippa and Zac’s affair and wonders why no-one told him. Alf says it might only have been a rumour but Tom says he caught them at it in the kitchen and wanted to hit them both, so he tried to drink himself into oblivion. He doesn’t understand why they’d do it.

Andrew presses Robbo for an answer and he admits it isn’t the shark that killed Rory. Zac suggests the real killer’s probably swam off but Andrew says he’s spoken to a real expert who says sharks stay around a food source for weeks. Adam says that means the shark’s still out there, getting hungry. Down on the beach, Viv tells Steven about Don’s chat with her, which they both find amusing. Steven suggests they go for a swim, kicking sand over Viv. He runs into the water and she runs after him as they both swim out. Further out to sea, the shark starts moving towards them…

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