Episode 439

Australian Air Date: 16th November 1989
UK Air Date: 24th October 1990
Writer: Alister Webb
Director: Michael Ailwood

Lance saves Viv and Emma from impending peril and there is disturbing news for the Fletcher household.

Extended Summary

At the caravan park house, Adam and Carly are getting cosy on the sofa, making Pippa and Steven slightly uncomfortable. Pippa asks them when Rory said he’d be back, since he’s not usually late for tea. Adam suggests he might have locked himself in the surf club and he and Carly head off to look. At the store, Lance and Martin show Celia the paperwork from the hot dog stand, which turns out to be a few scrunched up receipts. Celia gives them a ledger book and tells them to fill it in. Alf takes a phone call and tells Celia it was Jock from the anglers’ club, telling him about the shark sighting. He jokes about catching it and mounting it on the shop wall as a trophy. Adam and Carly arrive at the surf club and find that it isn’t locked and there’s no sign of Rory. Adam thinks he’s probably still catching waves but Carly is worried since there was no sign of him on the beach.

Martin and Lance arrive home and Martin tells Lance to start filling out the ledger, saying he’s busy thinking up publicity ideas. Bobby arrives and tells them she needs their help sorting out Revhead, who’s causing trouble for Viv and Emma. At the Diner, Viv and Emma are sitting uncomfortably at a table. Viv thinks she’s got no option but to tell Don what happened, but Emma points out that could wreck her chance of being fostered. Bobby, Lance and Martin arrive and Bobby explains she’s got a plan but they need Viv and Emma to keep Revhead and Skid occupied; they’re to call them and arrange to meet to hand over the money but won’t need to actually hand it over. The guys think they’ll need an hour but the girls don’t think they can last that long so Bobby convinces them to do it in half an hour.

At the caravan park house, Carly is worried that they couldn’t find Rory. Adam thinks that he’s hiding because he damaged his board and Steven thinks he just lost track of time but Carly thinks they should phone the police and Pippa agrees. Sally comes down and is also worried about Rory being late. The others attempt to reassure her but aren’t entirely convincing. Next morning, Pippa and Carly are sitting worriedly in the lounge, still in their bed clothes. Sally comes down and worries about Rory not being back yet. Carly suggests he went to a party to celebrate surfing his first wave and fell asleep. It’s enough to reassure Sally, who runs off to get some money to buy Rory a present, but Pippa and Carly remain morose.

Revhead and Skid park their car outside the Diner. Inside, Viv calls out that they’re there and everyone takes their positions. Lance and Martin sit near the entrance and exchange insults with the pair as they arrive while Bobby tells them she won’t have any trouble. The pair says they’re there to do business with Viv and Emma. Lance and Martin slip out quietly and Viv and Emma claim someone is bringing the money. Viv offers to buy them hamburgers and they agree but Revhead says once they finish eating the interest will go up a dollar a minute. Outside, Lance hotwires their car and he and Martin drive off.

At the surf club, Adam radios Yabbie Creek to report Rory missing while Matt, Steven and Carly look at some maps nearby. Alf asks if they heard about the shark sighting, telling them Jock tried to call the surf club to warn them. He downplays the issue, saying the shark probably swam back out to sea and the current probably carried Rory down south. Later, at the store, Alf is on the phone to someone, saying he didn’t want to frighten the kids but it doesn’t look good. Celia comes in and complains about Lance and Martin not being on the hot dog stand. Alf says they’re probably looking for Rory and tells her what’s happened.

At the Diner, Revhead and Skid finish off their burgers in a messy manner. Viv and Emma protest they haven’t finished eating but Revhead says that wasn’t the deal. Bobby stops by the table to ask if they’ve seen Rory, since she’s just heard he’s missing. Revhead gets fed up and decides they’re going to tell Don. Emma adjusts her top slightly, showing more shoulder, and asks Revhead if he’d rather see Don or her. Revhead says Don but Skid says Emma, so Revhead pushes in front of him and sits next to her. Meanwhile, Lance and Martin drive the car to a secluded spot near the caravan park. Lance uses a sander, whilst wearing swimming goggles, and then a spray can.

Sally arrives home having bought a surfing magazine for Rory but Pippa tells her he’s still not back. They hear a radio announcement about both Rory being missing and the shark sighting which leaves them both worried. On the beach, Adam is scanning the sea with binoculars with Carly by his side. Matt calls them over to where he and some other guys are standing around something: They’ve found the remains of Adam’s board bitten in two.

Emma continues to flirt with Revhead, who is trying to impress her with stories about getting drunk and throwing up, while Skid tries to get close to a scared looking Viv. Revhead invites them for a drive but Emma finally gets tired of the attention and tells him to get lost. Revhead and Skid make to leave but run into Lance and Martin, who join Bobby in having a go at them for trying to con Viv and Emma. They say they didn’t see any scratch on the car and Bobby suggests they look at it. Revhead and Skid are dumbfounded to find the scratch gone and Revhead realises Lance and Martin fixed it. He threatens to tell Don anyway but Martin points out that they’ve got no evidence and Don won’t take their word over Viv’s. Revhead and Skid drive off, annoyed. Viv and Emma thank Bobby, Lance and Martin. Bobby asks the boys if they’ve seen Rory. Later, Bobby and Viv arrive home and Bobby chides Viv for her behaviour. However, with the lecture out of the way she welcomes her to the family.

At the store, Celia is shocked when Alf tells her about the shark attack, since there hasn’t been one in the Bay since the ’30s, and worries about the effect on tourism if there are sharks about. Alf is annoyed with her for thinking of that when Rory could be dead. At the caravan park house, Steven, Carly and Adam sit at the table worriedly. Sally tells Pippa she doesn’t want to go on holiday until Rory’s found but Pippa gees her up by saying she can pack her favourite sweater. Alf arrives and Sally is disappointed it’s not Rory. They send her upstairs and Alf tells the others they’ve found Rory’s remains on the beach.

Guest Cast

Seventh appearance, last seen in #437. Was conned by Viv and Emma whilst Lance and Martin secretly fixed the damaged car.

Eigth and final appearance, last seen in #437. Was conned by Viv and Emma whilst Lance and Martin secretly fixed the damaged car.

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