Episode 438

Australian Air Date: 15th November 1989
UK Air Date: 23rd October 1990
Writer: Alister Webb
Director: Michael Ailwood

Bobby comes to Viv’s rescue and Rory gets himself into big trouble.

Extended Summary

Adam and Carly order their steaks from the waiter before discussing how Rory’s set them up. Although neither of them seem interested in getting back together, Adam suggests they try and enjoy the night. Carly seems less keen but when Adam says they can cancel their order she agrees to stay. Adam has the waiter fill up their glasses and they toast to friendship. Back at the house, Rory drops a plate whilst drying up and Pippa suggests he leave it to her. Steven is studying at the table. Rory turns the television on but turns it off when Steven complains about the noise. Pippa asks Steven how it’s going and he says that since Mr. Parker left they’ve only had substitute teachers for Physics and aren’t learning anything new, so he’s worried he’ll fail his exams. When Pippa realises she forgot to get him some notepaper, he decides to head out himself to get it. Pippa notices Rory chuckling and he says it’s about fate. At the restaurant, Adam and Carly discuss Rory’s desire to be a surfer and Adam says you need to know how to handle waves, like you need to know how to handle women. Carly objects to the comment and also to Adam referring to them as chicks and the conversation soon descends into bickering and insults.

Andrew is on the phone to Alf at the store and tells him it’s all right for Alf to stay away another night. Steven turns up and tells Andrew about their lack of Physics teacher. Andrew says he’s already asked Don for the job but he hasn’t forgiven him for mishandling things with Carly. Steven suggests Andrew tutor him privately, even offering to pay him. Andrew says if he gives him a mention when he gets his Nobel Prize they’ll call it even.

Rory tells Pippa about setting up Adam and Carly, predicting they’re staring into each other’s eyes and saying how they feel. In fact, they’re sitting sulkily and not talking to each other. When they do speak it’s only to trade more insults and Adam ends up asking the waiter for the bill while Carly leaves. Steven tells Pippa about his arrangement with Andrew and feels Don’s jealous of him being a better teacher. Rory tells him about his plan with Adam and Carly but then Carly comes home and gives them a rundown on what happened, telling Rory not to do her any more favours.

Next morning, Don tells Viv he’s got in touch with Youth and Community Services and wonders why she still seems down. Bobby enters and tells Don he shouldn’t worry about it before they both make themselves scarce. Bobby heads to the Diner and, when Viv enters, asks what’s bugging her. Viv says it’s nothing and Bobby says she should appreciate what Don’s doing more.

Steven heads off to Andrew’s while Pippa tells Carly she should apologise to Rory, who was only doing her a good turn. Carly says Adam’s a typical man and, when Pippa asks her to help with the washing up, says people expecting them to do that is the problem. Pippa says if Carly carried on like this then Adam has a point and she needs to pull her weight. On the beach, Adam tells Rory he did him a favour, since now he knows why he broke up with Carly. Rory tells him about the star chart. Since Rory is still keen on surfing, Adam gives him a quick lesson.

Don visits Pippa to discuss fostering Viv. He says he needs a character reference and suggests it might look better if it comes from someone who’s already fostered. He says she should be honest and admits he lobbied against the family when they first arrived. Pippa suggests Don does her a favour in return and brings up Andrew and the lack of a Physics teacher.

Adam watches as Rory practises surfing and, although he only manages to surf a small wave, Rory is pleased with his achievement. Carly comes over and asks to speak to Adam. Rory carries on surfing while they head to the surf club. There, Carly apologises to Adam. Adam says he respects what she believes in but she can’t keep ramming it down his throat. Rory comes up from the beach and, when he arrives at the surf club, is pleased to find Adam and Carly kissing.

Emma arrives at the Diner looking for Viv and Bobby drags her into the kitchen and pins her up against a wall, demanding to know what’s going on. Emma admits the truth: They took Alf’s car out without asking, Viv drove it and crashed into Revhead’s car and now, if they don’t give him $300 for repairs, he’ll report Viv for unlicensed driving and tell Alf. Bobby thinks Revhead’s trying to rip them off and, after examining the car, says the damage is only worth $50.She tells Emma they need to outsmart him not pay him off and also makes it clear she’s doing it for Viv, not Emma.

Carly and Adam drink a toast to Rory, for getting them back together and becoming a surfer. Carly offers to take a photograph of him surfing to show people back home but Rory thinks he needs more practise first. Adam offers him his board to practise on. As they head back down the beach, a radio message comes in from the anglers’ club saying there’s a shark heading in their direction and they should get everyone out of the water, but no-one’s there to hear it.

Adam points out the water’s choppy but Rory decides to go in anyway. Adam and Carly head off. Rory is sitting astride the board, waiting for a wave, when the shark rams him and knocks him into the water. Rory flounders around before being dragged under. The snapped surf board lies floating on the empty surface…

Guest Cast

Final episode. Was eaten by a shark whilst singing “Surfing Summer Bay”.

Served at the Sands Resort while Carly and Adam argued over their set-up by Rory.

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