Episode 437

Australian Air Date: 14th November 1989
UK Air Date: 22nd October 1990
Writer: Elizabeth Coleman
Director: Michael Ailwood

Rory is successful at last and Viv and Emma get themselves into serious trouble.

Extended Summary

At the surf club, Matt suggests Rory ask Adam to help him with his surfing. Rory says he can help Adam too, with his love life. Matt says it’s none of Rory’s business but Rory says if Adam gets back together with Carly he might be happy enough to come back into the surf team. Matt agrees to help.

Andrew finds the store is out of milk and Alf complains that Celia hasn’t ordered it because she’s too taken up with the hot dog stand. He wishes someone would bung her in a hot dog and swallow her! He’s going to have to shut the shop tomorrow to go to his mate Bernie’s funeral. Andrew asks why he doesn’t get someone to look after the shop and so Alf ropes him in.

Emma is setting the table in the evening and complaining about Donald sending Viv away. Ailsa defends Donald, saying Viv only heard half a conversion; she thinks the prospect of losing Viv is breaking his heart. At Donald’s Viv is insisting on going to live with the Johnsons as soon as possible and doesn’t want a farewell party.

At the surf club the next morning, Rory is keen to start learning to surf. He invites Adam to dinner at the Sands tonight with some guys from the club. Rory runs to the Diner and tells Matt that Adam has agreed. Matt tells Rory that Carly won’t agree to going out with the guys so he’ll have to sell it as a date, but Rory says Carly isn’t interested in him. Matt tells him to watch how it’s done and goes up to the counter to ask Carly out, but Carly rejects him, saying she plans to wash the dog!

Donald asks Andrew what he’s doing working at the store and Andrew says it’s one of life’s little ironies; while an endless stream of inept teachers jeopardises the senior students’ future, he pushes cake mix across a counter. Donald isn’t amused and tells Andrew he’s already had his answer. Donald arrives home and tries to stop Viv going to see Emma but fails.

Viv arrives as Alf and Ailsa are leaving for the funeral and Emma asks if they are leaving the other car in the garage to go rusty. Alf pointedly says that’s exactly where it’s staying. Viv comments how well Emma is getting on with Alf and Ailsa now. Emma says Viv’s new family might be like that but Viv isn’t relying on anyone; from now on she’s looking after number one.

At the Diner, Matt tells Rory he gets the feeling Carly can’t stand Adam but Rory says that’s only because she likes him; it’s reverse psychology. Matt thinks it’s going to be a real hassle trying to get Carly to the restaurant. Rory asks what she’s into, and Matt has an idea. Bobby throws Revhead and his mate Skid out for throwing food around. Matt and Rory sit at the counter and talk about models and press photographers and suddenly Carly is interested. She tells Matt she’s put Dag Dog’s bath off until the weekend!

Emma and Viv are playing Monopoly but Viv is distant and Emma suggests they take Alf’s Range Rover for a spin instead. Viv begs Emma to let her have a go as she has driven heaps of times.

Donald arrives at the Diner to talk to Bobby who says Viv is just waiting for him to tell her they want to stay; she’s only pretending she wants to leave to protect herself.

Emma and Viv are checking out a guy jogging along the road as Viv drives. Viv doesn’t see Revhead’s car apparently stopped in the middle of the road so that he can eat something. Viv puts a nice scratch in his bumper and Skid says Viv isn’t old enough to be driving. Emma points out that they were stopped in a no stopping zone and tries to leave but Revhead threatens to forward the bill to Alf. He’ll forget all about it if they come up with $200 in a couple of hours. Back at the house, Viv suggests stealing the money from Donald seeing as she’s leaving anyway.

Viv takes Donald’s cash box out of the bread bin but her conscience gets the better of her and she puts the money back just as Donald arrives home. He tells Viv he would love her to stay and would be delighted if she’d allow him to foster her. Viv smiles and hugs him.

Carly comes downstairs at Summer Bay House in black dress and tells Rory to wish her luck that she’ll be discovered. She arrives at the restaurant but only finds Adam there. They realise Rory has set them up. Adam asks Carly if she’s hungry.

At the Diner, Bobby and Emma are happy that Viv is staying, but Emma and Viv still have the problem of finding $200. Viv worries that Donald will change his mind if he finds out. Revhead and Skid arrive and Emma tells them they need more time. Revhead gives them 48 hours with an extra $50 per day in interest.

Guest Cast



Sixth appearance, last seen in #342. Was rear-ended in his new car by a delinquent Viv.

Seventh appearance, last seen in #342. Sided with Revhead during the fender-bender crisis.

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