Episode 75

Australian Air Date: 29th April 1988
UK Air Date: 26th May 1989
Writer: Greg Haddrick
Director: Andrew Friedman

Steven comes further under Samuels’ influence, while Roo carefully baits her trap for Frank.

Seventh appearance, last seen in #71. Took a rather dull Yr.12 literature class.
Sixth appearance, last seen in #69. Spread rumours about a pregnant Beth Thompson.
Schoolgirl who informed Foley that Beth Thompson was absent.
Clumsy student Steven chatted to.

> Steven is stated as being 15 years old in this episode.

Extended Summary

Tom and Pippa are tense to each other since he feels left out as she won’t say what is wrong between Danny and Pippa. Sally asks them why they are arguing. They say it’s nothing that is bothering them.

Frank and Roo enjoy each other in Alf’s sofa.

Steven has got new training gear. He shows it off to the Fletchers.

Jeff Samuels has organised a bicycle for Steven to use during their training. Steven enjoys working hard with Jeff. They are out cycling together for training.

Steven is very tired and falls asleep in class. Andrew wakes him up. Steven is mainly tired because of all the training with Jeff.

Foley asks Steven if he wants to be in the school musical.

Samuels does not like the idea of the school play and he gives Steven an ultimatum: to be in the school play or be in the training sessions with Jeff. Steven chooses training with Jeff instead of the school play.

Roo, Carly and Alison pass notes to each other during the class with Walter Bertram. They write about a girl that is pregnant. Roo writes: “Just because she is pregnant doesn’t mean that she is cheap”. She feels bad due to her own situation with her pregnancy.

Steven explains to Andrew that he can’t be in the school play. Andrew thinks it is bad that Steven won’t be in it.

Alf get an engagement present from his mum and dad. They sent it from Rio. He is surprised since he thought they were in Bermuda at the time. He will wait and open the present later with Ailsa instead of opening it himself.

Lynn tells Frank that Tom and Pippa have been arguing lately. She is worried about it.

Samuels give Steven a few ideas on how to eat healthy. Pippa thinks it is over the top. She says they eat healthy enough.

Tom and Pippa are arguing again. Sally hears them and is worried.

When Frank is coming over to see Roo, he notices that she has dressed up a lot.

Sally comes to Floss and cries. She explains to Floss that Tom and Pippa might hate each other now. Sally is very sad over it.

Roo wants to have sex with Frank again. He is worried that Alf might come home in the middle of it. She says that Alf won’t be home before 7 o’clock at the earliest. Alf actually told Roo earlier that he will be back at 6 o’clock. She lied to Frank as part of a set-up so Alf will come home and notice that they have had sex together! She does that mainly to get an alibi that Frank will be the father of her child when she eventually owns up about the pregnancy.

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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