Episode 74

Australian Air Date: 28th April 1988
UK Air Date: 25th May 1989
Writer: David Allen
Director: Andrew Friedman

Tom and Pippa clash bitterly over Danny.

> Celia mentions a mysterious other Stewart sibling – “Deborah”?

Extended Summary

Danny is OK and hasn’t fallen down the cliff after all. Alf gives Danny a lift home. Danny says he forgot to put on the wheel brake on the wheelchair and it went down the cliff when he was lying on the grass for a rest.

Alf phones to Tom and Pippa to tell them that Danny is at his house. Tom and Pippa aren’t home yet.

Sally, Lynn, Carly and Frank are outside in the garden and they did not manage to get to the phone in time when Alf called.

Tom and Pippa are very worried about Danny and he phones the police. Bob will have a police chopper out to look for Danny.

Alf gives Danny a lift to Tom and Pippa’s house. Everyone is very happy now when they know that Danny is OK.

Samuels and Steven are running a long training course. He is working Steven very hard.

Pippa get an outburst at Danny. Tom wonders what is going on. Pippa says she can’t explain to him.

Samuels think it was very well done by Steven to be able to keep up on the running with him. He reckons Steven could be a champion if he worked real hard and if he let Samuels coach him.

Alf gets Danny a new wheelchair since his old one got damaged due to the fall of the cliff.

Tom does not like the fact that he is being kept in the dark of what is going on between Pippa and Danny.

Pippa wants Danny to tell Tom the truth and what he asked Pippa to do. She wants Danny to explain to Tom that he wants to commit suicide. She says that if he doesn’t tell Tom, then he will have to leave the house.

Danny tells Tom that he will be leaving the house.

Danny is leaving the house.

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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