Episode 73

Australian Air Date: 27th April 1988
UK Air Date: 24th May 1989
Writer: David Allen
Director: Andrew Friedman

Danny calls Pippa’s bluff in a vicious and calculating way.

Extended Summary

When Pippa finds that Danny really is serious about wanting to commit suicide with her help, she get very angry with him.

The next morning, after Tom have gone to work and Sally and the others have gone to school, Danny and Pippa talk and they argue with each other. He still wants her to help him commit suicide.

Pippa drives over to see Tom to tell him about Danny, but she changes her mind. She does not tell Tom about Danny. She tells Ailsa what happened.

Sally, Lynn and Carly decide to go to Stewart’s Point to find insects for a biology project that Lynn has to do for school. Danny wants to come along as well and they let him. They come to Stewart’s Point where there are very high cliffs. Danny looks out from one of the cliff edges.

Martin tells Pippa that he saw Danny and the others going to Stewart’s Point. She gets worried and goes to the cliffs to find them. She tells the kids that they aren’t allowed to go up there. Carly, Lynn and Sally leave. Danny is still there and talks to Pippa. He says he will commit suicide by himself instead as she won’t help him. Pippa tells him she is convinced he won’t kill himself and leaves him up there.

Sally, Lynn and Carly scare Martin with a bug because he is scared of spiders.

Tom and Pippa go up to Stewart’s Point to look for Danny. When they are up there, they discover his wheelchair damaged far down below the cliff. It lies in the water. Tom and Pippa are very scared as Danny has gone down with the wheelchair.

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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