Episode 72

Australian Air Date: 26th April 1988
UK Air Date: 23rd May 1989
Writer: Anne Brooksbank
Director: Andrew Friedman

Danny’s cruel taunting revives painful memories for Celia.

Extended Summary

After the service on the celebration day ends, Tom, Danny, Neville, Lance and Martin have boys-only beer drinking sessions.

Pippa tells Bobby that only the guys are allowed in the house today due to the celebration. Bobby hates that and goes inside. She gets thrown out in under 10 seconds!

Celia goes inside Tom and Pippa’s house and Tom lets her stay inside. She wants them to drink tea instead of beer but no one is interested in that idea.

Fisher has made the wrong conclusion that Tom was a coward during the war. Bobby wants to show Fisher that he is wrong.

Celia is disturbing Tom and Danny and everyone else when she talks too much as they just want to relax and drink beer. Tom and Danny are starting to loose their cool.

Bobby searches for Tom’s medals he got from war. She finds a medal and shows it to Fisher. He gets shocked since he misjudged Tom.

Danny tells a story from the Vietnam war about a young man who stepped on a mine and got blown to bits as Danny puts it. Celia gets very emotionally upset. She goes home to Alf and cries. Tom explains to Danny that a mine in the Vietnam War killed her fiancé. Danny feels bad for upsetting her.

Fisher apologises to Tom for mentioning that he thought Tom was a coward in the war.

Celia talks to Ailsa about when her fiancé Les was killed. She has her engagement ring on every celebration day of the Vietnam War.

Later that night, Tom, Danny, Lance and Martin are very drunk and are sleeping at the kitchen table! Pippa helps Tom to bed.

Danny shocks Pippa by saying that he does not want to live anymore because he has troubles from the war and that he is stuck in a wheelchair because of the war. He wants Pippa to help him stop living by giving him a lethal injection. He explains he does not want to live anymore being stuck in a wheelchair with a lot of horrible memories from the Vietnam War. Pippa is very shocked when she listens to him.

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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