Episode 65

Australian Air Date: 15th April 1988
UK Air Date: 12th May 1989
Writer: Greg Haddrick
Director: Paul Moloney

There is a violent showdown at gunpoint.

Final episode. Accidentally shot his wife in a violent rage.
Final episode. Was accidentally killed by Sam in a violent shoot-out.
Sixteenth appearance, last seen in #60. Tried to calm a mad Barlow while held at gunpoint.

Extended Summary

Steven thinks it is strange that Sandra didn’t call or talk to him in person before she left Summer Bay. Frank also thinks it is odd that she only wrote a letter.

Sandra pushes the key (it is sitting on the outside of door) out of the keyhole with a screwdriver. She has placed a paper under the door. The key was supposed to fall on the paper so she could drag the paper under the door to get hold of the key but it didn’t work as she planned.

She comes up with an idea to use the homemade walkie-talkie and hopes that Steven has his on.

Steven looks at his walkie-talkie and says to Frank, “Not much use of this now” (tense scene when you think he might turn it on and at same time Sandra is struggling to get new batteries in hers. When she manages to get them in, Steven goes out of his room and leaves the walkie-talkie on his bed switched off).

Sandra desperately tries to get contact with it but there is no answer.

Kelly comes into Sandra’s room. She wants Sandra to come out of her room to watch television with her father for a while.

Sandra doesn’t want to and says she has to get out of there. Kelly refuses to say what she really means; she just says what Sam told her to say. Sandra say her father has become crazy.

Sandra goes down and watches television with her mum and dad. Sam laughs like crazy while watching a comedy series on television.

Celia tells Bob they can only be friends because they are not compatible as she put it. Bob says to her that he also only sees her as a friend.

Barlow locks Sandra in her room again and puts the key in the living room on the television set.

After a while, Kelly takes the key and puts it in an envelope and slides it under Sandra’s door. Sandra gets the key and opens the door.

Steven tells Tom that he will go over to Sandra’s place to see that she actually has left Summer Bay.

Tom doesn’t like the idea. Steven also tells Tom that he hit Sam in defence. They leave together to Sandra’s place.

Sandra turns up at Alf’s house and Bob and Celia are there as well as Ailsa. Sandra is terrified and says that Barnett has to go home to her house because her dad will freak out when he finds out that Sandra escaped.

Sam notices that Kelly has given the key to Sandra earlier and he goes crazy and starts to hit her. Meanwhile, Bob kicks in the door and tries to stop Sam. Bob falls down and drops his gun. Sam takes the gun and points it at Bob.

Barnett tries to get Sam to calm down but he is totally crazy. He loads the gun and says that nobody is allowed to mess with his family!

After a while, Tom and Steven turn up and are shocked and ask what is happening. They see that Sam has a gun and Sam tells them to step in. Sam points the gun all the time and say a lot of very frustrated things and also that he loves Sandra and Kelly and that he wants Sandra back with him.

He also says that nobody is allowed to take Sandra and Kelly away from him. Everyone in his living room is very scared and do not say a word.

Sandra is worried at Ailsa’s place what is happening at her home. It has taken an hour now. Sandra tells Ailsa that she is going home to see if everything is OK. She runs out and Ailsa yells, “Sandra!” Ailsa hurries after her.

When Sandra and Ailsa turn up at her home, they notice Sam has a gun. Sandra say she hates him. He totally cracks up and is about to shoot her. Kelly screams and Tom tries to grab Sam’s arm to get the gun. Sam turns quickly and he fires a shot…

Ola Carlsson, 1999