Episode 66

Australian Air Date: 18th April 1988
UK Air Date: 15th May 1989
Writer: Greg Millin
Director: Viktors Ritelis

Sandra tries to come to terms with the aftermath of the showdown, while Fisher strives to make anti-Fletcher capital out of the tragedy.

Third and final appearance, last seen in #55. Presided over Kerry Barlow’s funeral.
First appearance. DOCS worker. Berated Donald over his desire to blame Tom for Kerry’s death.

Extended Summary

Sandra’s mother Kerry died in the shooting drama at Barlow’s house. A funeral is held three days later.

A lot of people are there, including Sandra, Steven, Tom, Pippa, Celia, Fisher, Alf and Ailsa among others. Sam isn’t there. He isn’t allowed to come to her funeral due to his actions.

Steven and Sandra talk at the beach after the funeral. Sandra doesn’t want to talk about her mother.

Tom blames himself for the shooting. He thinks of what he could have done differently in that situation to spare Kelly her life.

Fisher tells Celia he will speak to Miss Moiloy who works at Youth and Community Services. Fisher reckons Tom is unable to look after his kids. Fisher says he put Steven at risk. Celia doesn’t agree.

Sandra wants Ailsa to foster her permanently. Ailsa tells her she can’t foster her and Sandra accepts it.

Sandra and Ailsa go to Sandra’s house to look at things. Sandra tells Ailsa that she is bottling all the grief up. She can’t cry about it.

Steven asks Tom and Pippa if they can foster Sandra. They say they have to talk about it.

After a while, Tom and Pippa tell Steven they can’t foster her.

Celia tells Tom and Pippa in the morning that Fisher has reported them to Youth and Community Services.

Sally is worried she might be taken away. Tom and Pippa say there is nothing to worry about.

Fisher speaks to Miss Moiloy.

Steven tells Sandra that he asked Tom and Pippa if they could foster her and that they said no. She says she wants to leave Summer Bay.

Sandra goes to visit her home again (a lot of sound flashbacks from earlier episodes of all the problems she’s been through).

Tom and Fisher speak to Miss Moiloy. Fisher thinks she is on his side but she says that Tom acted responsibly in the shooting drama and that Fisher is the one in the wrong since he didn’t notice that Sandra was being abused all the time.

Steven goes to Sandra’s house. She still says she can’t cry about what has happened.

Miss Moiloy speaks to Sally and says there is no risk that she might be taken away like Sally was worried of. Sally is happy and then asks her if she can breathe fire! Sally explains that Tom called Miss Moiloy a dragon earlier (he said it earlier when he found out Fisher had reported Pippa and him). Tom tries to deny it in front of Moiloy at first. Miss Moiloy just laughs and thinks it was funny so there is no harm done!

The Nutter rings the Barlow house while Steven and Sandra are there. The Nutter speaks to her on the phone. He talks again with a distorted voice. He says Sam Barlow got what he deserved. Sandra understands it is the Nutter who is calling and she gets worried. Then she drops the phone and cries.

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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