Episode 67

Australian Air Date: 19th April 1988
UK Air Date: 16th May 1989
Writer: Chris McCourt
Director: Viktors Ritelis

Steven and Sandra have their first date, while Floss spurns the carnival lifestyle.

Final episode. Left the Bay to stay with a new foster family following her mother’s death.
First episode. Snobby passerby whose car broke down, forcing her to stay at the Caravan Park.
Showed Steven & Sandra to their table at a classy restaurant.

Extended Summary

Sandra says to Steven that they shouldn’t tell anyone about the phone call from the Nutter because she thinks everyone will hassle her about it if they do.

Sandra talks to Steven a bit about her father. She hopes her father will be a better person some day.

Ailsa tells Sandra that Miss Moiloy has found a foster family for her. She tells her she doesn’t have to live with them if she doesn’t like them.

Steven asks Frank if he can borrow some money but Frank say he has not got any extra to spare. Frank also says that he is thinking of taking Roo out again.

Steven asks Tom for 50 bucks. Tom says no as Steven won’t say what he wants the money for.

Floss has been in the city all day and Neville asks her what she did there. She says she has been shopping. He asks her if she has been seeing Ben. She tells him that she saw Ben in school.

Floss tells Neville she wants to sell their caravan home. She says she wants a new van. Neville thinks it is because she might feel ashamed for Ben or Scott.

Steven is taking Sandra out and borrows $50 from Ailsa.

Tom, Frank, Lance and Martin are watching TV and eat crisps and have a great time.

Steven and Sandra eat dinner at a luxury restaurant. They have a good time there.

A real nosy and classy woman turns up at Tom and Pippa’s house. She talks a lot and says that her car has broken down.

Sandra talks to Steven about when she will leave to live with the foster family. She says she can’t handle it if Steven is there when she leaves town. Steven gives Sandra a hug and is understanding about it.

Steven and Tom talk about Sandra. Tom apologises for not lending Steven him the money earlier. Steven explains he took Sandra out to a restaurant.

Sandra meets her new foster family. She says goodbye to Ailsa. Ailsa says she should call her if she needs something. Sandra’s new foster family drives her away.

Neville is OK with Floss’ idea of selling their caravan home. She is happy.

The classy woman likes Neville and Floss’ caravan home and sees it is for sale when she reads the sign.

Neville talks to Floss. He says he changed his mind and that they can’t sell their caravan home. Floss says she already sold it to the woman that was interested in it.

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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