Episode 68

Australian Air Date: 20th April 1988
UK Air Date: 17th May 1989
Writer: Bevan Lee
Director: Viktors Ritelis

Samuels taunts Steven, while Lance comes to the rescue when Neville faces eviction.

Return episode, last seen in #25. Trained Steven and the ‘Power Pack’. Helped ., overcome his depression.
Final episode. Made plans to buy Floss and Neville’s caravan.
Weakling student who Samuels picked on.

Extended Summary

Martin and Lance are staying home from work and will say they are sick.

While the woman who will buy the caravan home from Floss and Neville is on her way to the caravan to talk to them, Martin imitates her walking style and calls out “yoo-hoo!” She turns around and Martin acts innocently. He says he is practising for the football season!

Deidre calls Tom by another name all the time (Todd). Tom gets annoyed with her when she calls him Todd all the time.

Samuels, the sports teacher, gives Steven and rest of the class a very degrading and hard training session on the beach. He gives Steven a hard time for a long time and Steven sees Samuels as Sam Barlow and Steven does a karate move and Samuels falls down on the sand. Steven says, “Eat sand, Barlow!”

Fisher hears of the incident which happened at the beach and expels Steven. Pippa does not agree with Fisher’s decision to expel Steven.

Samuels saves Steven from getting expelled by saying that he wouldn’t have brought this up if he should have known that Steven would get expelled. Samuels tells Fisher this.

Steven gets detentions with Samuels for the whole week instead of getting expelled. Steven thanks Samuels for it. Samuels won’t give Steven an easy time. Samuels say he will give Steven very hard training sessions.

Martin and Lance will try to change Deidre’s mind about buying the caravan from Floss and Neville. They are out in the middle of the caravan park and are playing drums on a trash can and are singing very loudly at the same time so Deidre will think it will be impossible to live in the caravan.

Lance also shows Deidre the peek hole in the shower block (the peek hole Martin and Lance did a while ago). Lance says there are perverts loose in the caravan park! Deidre from the other side of the peek hole in the shower block hits Lance in the eye with a broomstick!

Martin gets angry with Lance for showing her the peek hole.

Lance tries even harder to get Deidre to lose interest in the caravan by saying that the Summer Bay Nutter is still on loose but Deidre is determined to buy the caravan from Floss and Neville anyway.

Neville tries to change Floss’ mind about signing the contract to Deidre on the van. After a while he manages to get Floss to change her mind so now they won’t selll the caravan. Floss rips the contract up in pieces. Deidre drives away in her car which Martin and Lance thought was really hot!

Roo puts on makeup and rubs it around her eyes and pretends to cry when Frank comes over to her. They talk and Roo tells him that she wants things to be the same as they were earlier. Frank agrees after a while. Roo says she really loves him. They kiss and Roo says they got the whole house to themselves. She wants to have sex with Frank. He has doubts about it, but after a while he is OK with the idea.

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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