Episode 69

Australian Air Date: 21st April 1988
UK Air Date: 18th May 1989
Writer: Bevan Lee
Director: Viktors Ritelis

Carly resists pressure to tread the boards, fearing all contact with men. Meanwhile, Frank is falling further under Roo’s influence.

Return episode, last seen in #46. Was the object of Carly’s unrequited affection.
Fifth appearance, last seen in #62. Auditioned for ‘the Mikado’.

Extended Summary

Celia is in Ailsa’s store and is buying toilet paper. She wants it wrapped since she feels a bit awkward about buying it!

Celia talks to Ailsa about the day when people celebrate survivors of the Vietnam War. Celia’s fiancé Les died in the Vietnam War so she usually gets a bit depressed on the celebration day.

Frank and Roo come into Ailsa’s store and are holding hands. Celia reckons it is good that they are back together. (It seems as if Roo and Frank had sex together).

Ailsa tells Bobby that she thinks Roo conned Frank to get them back together. She also suspects that they have slept with each other as well.

Lynn finds another bottle of alcohol in Carly’s drawer in their room while she is about to put the laundry in her drawer. They argue loudly about it.

Pippa comes in and is asking what is going on. They hide the bottle behind their backs and are grabbing it back and forth since Lynn is trying to take the bottle from her without Pippa noticing it.

Celia is very excited about the musical that will be held later on. Foley thinks she might be a bit too excited about it.

Bobby sees Frank and Roo kissing when she is out on her bicycle.

Carly won’t be in the musical even though Foley says she was very good in last year’s musical.

Foley asks Roo if she will be in the musical in the role as “”Yum-Yum””. She knows she will be in late pregnancy by then and it won’t work in the musical! She says she won’t be that kind of “”Yum-Yum”” by September.

Andrew asks Celia what Roo could have meant by that. Celia asks, “”Who knows?”” She tells him that she probably does not have the time to be in the musical due to her relationship with Frank.

Carly drinks some alcohol in her room.

Lynn does very well in the audition for the musical.

Lynn finds out that Carly has been drinking. She takes the bottle from her. Carly wants it back but Lynn won’t let her get it back. They argue and Carly says, “”There is plenty more where that came from!”” Lynn is worried about her.

Carly steals a bottle of alcohol in Alf’s store. Celia sees that she is taking the bottle.

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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