Episode 70

Australian Air Date: 22nd April 1988
UK Air Date: 19th May 1989
Writer: Greg Stevens
Director: Viktors Ritelis

Celia is not above blackmail in her efforts to rehabilitate Carly. Meanwhile, Roo and Bobby clash over Frank.

Student who Foley singled out for uncleanliness.

Extended Summary

Carly lies to Celia and says she only took the bottle as a part of a dare with some school friends. Carly says she would win the bet if she had the guts to take the bottle. She says she was to put it back when she had won the dare. Celia gives her an ultimatum that she should tell Alf that she took the bottle or that she auditions for the musical. Carly decides to audition for the musical since she don’t want Alf to find out she nearly stole from him.

Pippa’s brother Danny will be coming to Summer Bay for a while to visit the Fletchers. Sally doesn’t like it when he comes for visits since he will be sleeping in her room and Sally has to sleep in another room. Danny was in Vietnam with Tom a long time ago.

Carly isn’t so excited in the audition for the musical since she was forced into it by Celia’s ultimatum. Carly gets the role anyway even though she isn’t keen on it.

Carly tells Foley she might have a problem with a kissing scene in the musical since it will bring back memories from when she was attacked a while ago. Foley says she doesn’t have to be in the musical if she doesn’t want to.

Celia gives Tom and Pippa some pamphlets about teenage drinking. She is worried if it was something more than just a dare when Carly was about to take the bottle from Alf’s store. Sally asks what AA stands for since she doesn’t know what they are going on about.

Carly tells Celia she can’t say anything to Tom and Pippa about the bottle she was about to steal since that was a deal of the ultimatum Celia gave her earlier.

Carly tells Mr Foley she will be in the musical anyway even though she could have problems with a few romantic scenes.

Tom talks to Sally about a few Vietnam War memories and how he received some medals in it. He also explains that he saved Danny’s life in Vietnam.

A Japanese tourist from Tokyo comes into Alf’s store and asks for map guidance.

Samuels and his mates play volleyball on the beach. Roo comes passing by. Roo says to Bobby that she is jealous of Roo and Frank’s relationship. Roo laughs at Bobby. Bobby gets angry and tells Roo to rack off!

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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